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The most economical way to create an EMR-safe home: hire our EMR meters and test kits that measure fields from:
• electrical sources (gauss meters)
• wireless sources (radiofrequency radiation)
• dirty electricity (from electrical wiring).


Own your own EMR meters so that you can check your exposure now and in the future.
Ideal for schools, home buyers, businesses, people with environmental sensitivities and those who want to keep their families safe over time.
Our meters measure fields from:
• electrical sources (gauss meters)
• wireless/telecommunications sources (radiofrequency radiation)
• dirty electricity (from electrical wiring).

Power & Appliances


Everyday levels of exposure have been associated with a range of health problems and the strongest of these associations is for childhood leukemia. As a result, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified magnetic fields of above 4 mG as possibly carcinogenic.


Measure your exposure! You can do this cheaply and conveniently with our EMF meter.

There are dozens of helpful suggestions about how to reduce your exposure and live more safely in our electromagnetic environment in 'The Force'.

Mobile Phones

mobile phone


Mobile phone radiation has now been linked with an 8-fold increase in acoustic neuromas brain tumours and has been classified as a Class 2B carcinogen.


Block 96% of the radiation absorbed by your head and body when you use a mobile phone against your head or carry it against your body with our BlocSock mobile phone shield.

Cordless Phones

cordless phone


Cordless phones emit radiofrequency (wireless) radiation similar to that emitted by mobile phones, so all the health problems that have been associated with mobile phone radiation also apply to cordless phones.


Buy or hire our meters to find out how much radiation your cordless phone emits.

Find out more on cordless phones, how to protect yourself in 'The Force'

Mobile Towers


Mobile phone antennas and other communications antennas emit high frequency radiofrequency radiation. This radiation has been associated with a number of harmful effects - ranging from brain tumours to oxidative stress, genetic damage, hormonal changes and changes to neurotransmitters, memory, learning and behaviour.


If you are uncomfortable with the amount of base station radiation to which your are exposed, you can use our shielding products to reduce your exposure. Our paints and fabrics will effectively block over 99% of radiation entering your home or workplace. 



Computers emit electric and magnetic fields - similar to those emitted from power lines and other appliances - from the screen, the keyboard and hard drive. The strength of these fields diminishes with distance and can be measured with our EMF meter.


Measure the fields from your WiFi devices and learn how to reduce your exposure with our books, 'The Force' and 'Wireless-wise Kids'.


The Force

The Force living safely in a world of electro-magnetic pollution by Lyn McLean.

Wireless-wise Kids

Safer ways to use mobile and wireless technology



Would you like to know just how much exposure you are receiving from all electromagnetic sources in and around your home or workplace?


You can hire or buy our affordable EMF meters (gaussmeters) and RF meters for measuring electromagnetic radiation from all sources in your home or workplace - and receive free phone support.


Shielding Window Film

Protect your windows against high frequency radiation! Apply Y-shield window film now.

Shielding paint

Protect against harmful radiation with easy-to-apply shielding paint & receive a ...

Shielding Fabrics

Suitable for curtains, bed canopies or clothing, these fabrics block harmful EMR

Smart Meter


Could smart meters be a problem for your health and well-being?

These meters emit radiofrequency radiation that penetrates walls and is known to interact with the body. Thousands of people are reporting ill-effects.


You can measure the fields from your smart meter with our meters or block them with our shielding products.

EMR Australia: Specialists in Electromagnetic Radiation Testing, Shielding and Solutions.

We have the experience, the professionals, the equipment, the network and the commitment to provide you with the best service and solutions. Whether you want to create a safer home or work environment, EMR Australia can provide you with the best service and support.

We have been helping Australians for over eleven years and our products and services are second to none. We offer the highest level of technical expertise, quality information and resources and the best products sourced from around the world. We are committed to providing our clients with quality assistance and service. Our products and processes are tried and tested.


EMR Australia will be open till 24th December 2015 and reopening on Monday 18th January 2016.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas and new year and look forward to being of assistance to you in 2016.


We provide assistance to:

  • individuals to create an EMR-safe home;
  • employers to create safer working environment, meet OH&S obligations and reduce legal liability;
  • councils with planning issues involving EMR;
  • health professionals to keep up-to-date with research about the effects of EMR on health and well-being;
  • people purchasing or renting a new home.

We have solutions suitable for:

  • powerlines and meter boxes;
  • smart meters;
  • wireless (WiFi/radiofrequency) radiation;
  • conductive water pipes;
  • computers;
  • phones;
  • mobile phone towers;
  • electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Dr Devra Davis in Australia

You can see Dr Davis's Dean's lecture, presented by the School of Engineering, University of Melbourne on Monday 30th November in Melbourne here.

See the Sydney Morning Herald article about Dr Davis HERE.

Professor Dariusz Leszczynski in Australia

You can see Professor Leszczynski's presenation at Monash University on 9 December HERE.

You can see his presentation at Melbourne University on 11 December HERE.

Legal seminar, Sydney and other links

Here are some links to some very important events.

In October and November the Law Faculty of the University of NSW  arranged three events about wireless devices for different audiences:  one was for lawyers; one for a general audience (which included local and visiting neurosurgeons); and one for research engineers. There is a link to each below.

Dr Davis's Sydney lecture
The much-awaited video of the public lecture by Dr Devra Davis which was held at UNSW Law School on 18 November 2015, is now available. It was entitled 'Wireless Devices:  what we know; what we do not know; and what we can do now.'

After  the lecture there was a 30 minute discussion between Dr Davis and Dr Charles Teo, a neurosurgeon from the UNSW and the Prince of Wales Hospital.  He was in the audience together with other neurosurgeons visiting from USA and Cuba. This was followed by some questions from the audience. The first questioner asked about when and where the film could be viewed.

The lecture can be seen here:


Dr Maryanne Demasi from the ABC replied without a microphone.  Her silent answer was that  it will be part of a Catalyst program on ABC TV to be screened in March 2016

The lecture  was co-sponsored by Continuing Professional Development in the Faculty of Law at UNSW and by the Australian Energy Research Institute in the Faculty of Engineering at UNSW. 


Legal seminar: 'Wireless Devices: Risk Regulation Compliance and Liability.' 14 October


This was facilitated by Mr Robyn Williams from the ABC Science Unit and held at the CBD Campus UNSW.


There were presentations by 3 scientists and 3 corporate lawyers who outlined the regualtory and common law framework.  In particular they considered the WHS issues . In the final segment a current case was discussed by the lawyers who asked for opinions from the panel of 3 scientists and an electrical engineer.

The printed materials for the seminar and a 4 hour audio recording is now available for $44 at:  www.cle.unsw.edu.au  

Professor Dariusz Leszczynski
On 27 November, Professor Dariusz Leszczynski, presented material about the biological effects of mobile devices to a group of research engineers.  He is a highly qualified molecular biologist, who from 2000 was the Research Professor at Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority Helsinki, Finland. The slides from this presentation may be seen at   https://betweenrockandhardplace.files.wordpress.com/2015/11/sydney-november-27-2015.jpg

Here's a message for those of you who might like to take part in a documentary:

Hi there! My name is Sarah Newman and I'm working on the documentary- GENERATION ZAPPED! (www.generationzapped.com) - which investigates the growing body of research suggesting that wireless technology can pose serious health risks – from headaches to infertility to cancer. Forgive me if I have already emailed you… I am trying to cover as many bases as possible, and might be doubling up my efforts ;) The film is almost complete- we just need a few more self-taped video testimonials. WE ARE SEEKING VIDEO TESTIMONIALS FROM THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS: -Adults who suffer from EHS -Families with children who suffer from EHS -Families with children on the Spectrum who think that EMF exposure has caused or exacerbated symptoms. -Women with breast cancer that may be linked to cell phone radiation. -Men / Women who have or had any type of cancer that they have cause to link to cell phone use, cell tower proximity, wifi, SMARTMETERS, or any other type of EMF exposure. -Men who have experienced fertility I am hoping you wouldn't mind sharing this with your community! Short clips taken from numerous testimonials will be used in a montage section of the film; the intention being to convey that numerous people, from all over the world, are suffering as a result of wireless technology. Needless to say, the greater the number of clips we share in this montage, the stronger the case will be. Anyone interested should email me ASAP at sarah.generationzapped@gmail.com . Thank you so much for your time, and for all that you do! My best, Sarah Sarah Newman 310.482.9886 sarah.generationzapped@gmail.com www.generationzapped.com


You can hear an interview with Lyn McLean, speaker at the 2015 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium here.