Hire Policy

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EMR Australia offers Australian residents the option to hire various meters. The following terms and conditions apply to meter hire:

Hire period is for seven days from the date on which the equipment is received. It is deemed to be received when it reaches the address or post office box of the hirer. EMR Australia PL inspects equipment for condition before sending it to the hirer and packages it carefully for transportation by post.

The hirer agrees to take good care of the equipment during the hire period and not to allow the equipment to be used by anyone outside his or her immediate family. The hirer agrees to return the equipment on or before the required date or to pay the necessary late fee. Late fees are calculated at $10 a day for one meter; $20 a day for 2 meters and $25 a day for 3 meters. These fees may be billed directly to the hirer’s credit card. If the hirer fails to return the meter(s) within one month, he or she will be charged for the full cost of the meter(s) and a $20 administration fee.

The hirer agrees to return the equipment to EMR Australia PL in good condition. If equipment is returned in a damaged state, EMR Australia PL has the right to charge the hirer for the replacement cost of the equipment. The hirer further agrees to return the meters carefully packaged for transportation by the postage method indicated in the kit. Should the hired equipment hired require repair during the hire period, the hirer agrees to contact EMR Australia PL and not to undertake any repairs him- or herself. EMR Australia PL will organise the repair or replacement of the equipment.

The hirer may return DE2 filters included in the deTekta hire package if they are in as-new condition, suitable for resale. If the DE2 filters or their packaging are damaged in any way, the hirer agrees to pay the purchase price for the filter(s).

EMR Australia PL’s meters may have some degree of inaccuracy and are intended to provide guidance of exposure levels. They are not to be used for medical, legal, certification or similar purposes.

The hirer accepts complete responsibility for any injury or loss resulting from the use of the equipment and agrees to indemnity EMR Australia against all claims relating to such injury or loss.

  • Wireless Wise Families: What every parent needs to know about wireless technologies



    Ships to


    CKE : P-WWF

    Dimensions: 15cm (w) x 20 cm (h) x 1 cm deep

    Weight: 275g

    Shipping: Express Post/Postage calculated at checkout based on your postcode.

    You can request your copy to be signed by the author Lyn McLean.


    Paperback:  120 pages
    Publisher: Scribe Publications Pty Ltd, Melbourne, September 2017
    Language: English


    We love them, we depend on them, we fill our homes with them – but how much do you know about mobile phones and other wireless devices and the radiation they emit?

    Did you know, for example, that your use of wireless devices can affect your children, your unborn children, and even your chances of conceiving? That wireless radiation has been shown to affect performance, mental health, relationships, and sleep? Or that many world authorities recommend reducing exposure to this radiation?

    ‘Smart’ families are exposed to wireless radiation from ‘smart’ devices. ‘Wise’ families make informed decisions about using wireless technologies safely.

    This book by consumer advocate and educator Lyn McLean, shows you in simple, practical terms what you need to know to live wisely in our ever more connected world.


    • What is wireless radiation?
    • Why take precautions?
    • Mobile phones
    • Cordless phones
    • Wi-fi
    • Digital dads and mobile mums
    • Wireless kids
    • Wireless learning
    • Wi-tech relationships
    • Buying for your home
    • Wireless travelers
    • Wireless neighbourhood

    and appendices with further information.

    You can download the references here.

    About the Author

    Lyn McLean is Australia’s foremost consumer advocate on the issue of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). An author and educator, she has been monitoring and writing on the subject for more than 15 years. Lyn is the publisher of the quarterly periodical EMR and Health and the author of ‘Watt’s the Buzz? a guide to reducing exposure to EMR’, ‘The Force’ and ‘Wireless-wise Kids’. She has served as a representative on various national committees related to this issue and is currently the Director of EMR Australia.


    If you would like to obtain this book at a wholesale price to sell in your clinic or store, please contact us on 02 9576 1772 or by email.

    Interview with Lyn

    You can hear Lyn McLean talk with Lucinda Curan, building biologist and Director of Ecohealth Solutions, about 'Wireless-Wise Families', about how to reduce exposure to wireless radiation and why we should here.

    Podcast with Lyn

    Lyn McLean talks with Dr Ron Ehrlich, one of Australia’s leading holistic health advocates, educators, a broadcaster and a holistic dentist.

    You can hear part 1: 'Being a Wireless-wise Person'  here.

    You can hear part 2: 'Being a Wireless-wise Person - preconception, infertility, children's health' here.

    Radio Interview with Lyn

    Customer feedback

    'I highly recommend this book as a must read for all parents who want to make informed choices. It is refreshingly easy to read and gives simple explanations of how the ever increasing use of wireless devices impact on our lives; the risks and practical tips and suggestions on how we can all reduce our exposure.' MK ( Dip Ed) and mother of 4

    'Feeling frazzled, maybe a bit disconnected from your family or perhaps just the world around you? It's time to discover Lyn McLean's book Wireless-Wise Families, what every parent needs to know about wireless technologies. Learn about the dangers of exposure to EMFs as a result of using wireless devices and why our children are most at risk. McLean, also editor of EMR Australia's Quarterly 'EMR and Health', presents a refreshingly practical and informative guide to using wireless technology that has actually enhanced my family's day-to-day sense of well-being. Wish I had known about this information sooner. Take charge and safeguard your family with this timely and insightful book. We owe it to ourselves and our children's future." By J.S.

    'I just received your book in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much!! I read it instantly and I loved it.What a wonderful format, so easy to read, simple but yet so powerful. Every single parent should have this book.' By G.B. 

    'Wireless-wise Families is a valuable resource. It's an easy and enjoyable read, clearly explaining what can be a confusing topic. Hopefully, this book will inform lots of families!' By Janobai

    'Your book is excellent. I’ve already loaned it out to someone else and I’m sure its going to do the rounds!' By M.B.

    'Wireless-Wise Families is an easy-to-understand guide for modern families seeking to educate themselves about the safety of  wireless technology. It’s a must-read for all parents who care about their family’s health and well-being.' By J.W.

    'It's a great book! It's an easy and enjoyable read plus explains what can be a confusing topic very clearly.' By J.S.

    'I started reading Wireless-wise Families on the weekend; I really like it. It’s really easy to read and understand, and a great message, of course.' By M.R.

    'I read your book 'The Force' some years ago and I found it very interesting and informative. Now I've purchased your 'Wireless-Wise Families' book and I love it, right to the point, all explained in a very clear way and with nice charts for keeping track of everyday EMF exposure.' By JV (Spain) 

    'I’m grateful for the book wireless wise families we all have far more respect for radiation that you can’t see or feel.' By A.J. 

    'Thanks so much Lyn! You are a star and your book is fantastic!' By C.H. 




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