WiFi devices use radio frequency (wireless) radiation – similar to that emitted by mobile phones and phone towers – to carry information. This means they cannot be blocked or shielded. Studies have found harmful effects from WiFi radiation such as:

  • reduced immunity
  • reduced sperm activity – potentially affecting fertility
  • DNA fragmentation
  • oxidative stress
  • effects on the nervous system
  • changes to heart-rate variability
  • changes to brain activity and brainwave patterns

Laptop computers

Wireless laptops expose users to radiofrequency (wireless) radiation and exposure is highest when information is being transmitted to or from the computer. Laptops should never be rested on the body and should preferably be used with wired internet connections.


iPads only communicate with the internet using wireless radiation and so the user is exposed whenever information is being sent or downloaded. Exposures are highest when the iPad is downloading or transmitting information. These devices should never be used close to the body and should only be used with WiFi turned off.

Wireless radiation and children

Children are thought to be more vulnerable to wireless radiation because their bodies and brains are still growing and developing and they absorb more radiation than adults. Many authorities have advised reducing children’s exposure to WiFi radiation.

Because WiFi technologies are relatively new, we don’t know the impacts of long-term exposure and it could be decades before we do. However, already many people report health problems that coincide with their exposure to WiFi radiation.

EMR Australia recommends using wired – rather than wireless – connections to communicate information.

WiFi solutions

1: Check your exposure

Find out how much radiation your wireless devices emit, how far it extends and safer positions for locating them. You can:

2:  Find out more

'Wireless-wise Families', by Lyn McLean, tells you everything you need to know to keep your family safe from wireless radiation.

Written by Lyn McLean, The Force includes information about wireless technologies, how to protect your family, studies that have found evidence of harm, international standards, precautions other countries are applying in and more.

3:  Keep your children safe

Teach your children how to use wireless technology safely with ‘Wireless-wise Kids’, a picture book for children and adults written by Lyn McLean and illustrated by Janet Selby.

4:  Establish wired connections

Here are some suggestions for establishing wired - rather than wireless - connections, written by a customer after hiring our meters. Click here to download.





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