Powerlines and appliances

Electricity produces both electric and magnetic (electromagnetic) fields from the moment it leaves the power generation plant to the moment it activates your appliances. These are found near all power lines, transformers, meter boxes, in-building wiring, computers, microwave ovens, electrical appliances, conductive pipes as well as in cars, buses and trains. We can help you measure both of these fields.

Heath effects

Everyday levels of exposure have been associated with a range of health problems and the strongest of these associations is for childhood leukemia. (Studies have found a doubling of the risk for children exposed to over 4 mG.) As a result, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified magnetic fields of above 4 mG as possibly carcinogenic.

Many authorities worldwide, including Australia’s Energy Networks Association, have recommended policies of ‘prudent avoidance’ or ‘precaution’ to reduce people’s exposure from unnecessary fields.

Buying a home

In practical terms, it’s not possible to block the magnetic fields from powerlines – so it’s important to measure to see if any high fields are present before you purchase. You should check for fields from:

  • high voltage overhead powerlines
  • underground cables.

Meter boxes

If your bed is located next to a meter box, you could be exposed to high magnetic fields while you sleep. It’s important to measure what fields you are exposed to and to reduce any high fields. We can advise you how to do this.

Dirty electricity

Electrical equipment generates what's often known as 'dirty electricity'. This is the interruptions to the flow of current running through electrical wiring and you can think of it as a high frequency signal that's been superimposed on - or has distorted - a low frequency sine wave.

It has sometimes been associated with health and behaviour problems, including ADHD, diabetes, asthma and MS symptoms.

Some of the devices that commonly cause dirty electricity include:

  • computers
  • low energy lights
  • plasma TVs
  • DVD players
  • sound systems
  • dimmer switches
  • variable-speed motors.

Earthing and body voltage

Some people think that earthing will provide them with protection. Before you go down this track, we recommend you read what electrical engineer Alasdair Phillips has to say about this here.

Electrical equipment - solutions

1: Check your exposure

Find out how much exposure you and your family are receiving from power lines, wiring, appliances, transformers, conductive piping and other electrical sources and find safe locations for furniture. Hire our EMF meter (gaussmeter).

2: Buying a property near power lines?

Find out what fields are present near the lines and at the property you wish to purchase. Hire our EMF meter (gaussmeter).

3: Find out more

Find information about electricity, power lines, appliances, how to reduce exposure, studies that have found evidence of harm, international standards, precautions other countries are applying in ‘The Force’ by Lyn McLean.

4: Own your own gaussmeter meter

Purchase a handy, economical meter that measures magnetic fields and electric fields from all electrical sources over an extended range of frequencies.

5. Measure and eliminate your dirty electricity

You can measure the dirty electricity present in your home or workplace with our deTekta DE meter, available for hire or purchase.

You can filter it with our DE2 filters.

Beware: products that claim to ‘harmonise’ fields from electrical equipment do not reduce the electromagnetic fields which are still present and measurable!

Recommended Solutions

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