Cordless Phones

Cordless phones emit radio frequency (wireless) radiation similar to that emitted by mobile phones, so all the health problems that have been associated with mobile phone radiation also apply to cordless phones.

Cordless phones can be more of a problem than mobile phones because:

  • most cordless phones don’t have adaptive power control
  • the cradles for many cordless phones emit radiofrequency radiation continuously - even when no call is being made and this radiation penetrates walls
  • most people spend longer on their cordless phones than they do on their mobiles

Cordless phone solutions

1: Measure your exposure

Find out how much radiation your cordless phone emits, how far it extends and safer positions for locating it. Purchase or hire our Home Test Kit or you can purchase our excellent wireless meters; the Acoustimeter or Acousticom 2.

2: Find out how to reduce your family's exposure to wireless radiation

'Wireless-wise Families', by Lyn McLean, shows you everything you need to understand and deal with your family's exposure to wireless radiation.

3:Learn more with 'The Force'

Written by Lyn McLean, The Force includes information about cordless phones, how protect yourself, studies that have found evidence of harm, international standards, precautions other countries are applying in and more.

4: Keep your children safe with Wireless-wise Kids

Written by Lyn McLean and illustrated by Janet Selby, Wireless-Wise Kids is a picture book for children and adults which teaches your children how to use wireless technology safely.

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