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Testicular cancer in boys


Testicular cancers are on the rise - is radiation from mobile phones contributing to this increase? You can see the contribution 'Testicular Cancer in Teenage Boys: Is Cell Phone Radiation a Risk Factor for Young Boys Who Wear their Cell Phone on a Belt or in a Front Pocket?' by Cindy Sage in the PLOS One journal here. (http://journals... read more

EMR and children


Dr. Toril Jelter is a Board Certified Pediatrician and General Practitioner who treats children and adults with electrohypersensitivity. She discusses her clinical experience with autism and improved and at times dramatic behavioral changes in many of her autistic/ADHD patients related to reducing electromagnetic radiation in the home and envir.. read more

This is how your iPad could be hurting your baby's brain


'Babies' sleep and subsequent brain development may be being harmed by the use of iPads and other touch-screen devices, research suggests. A study found that every hour infants spent on such devices was linked to 16 minutes' less sleep. The research on more than 700 families is the first to look at the link between touch-screen devices .. read more

Office workers microchipped


'Would you agree to have a microchip implanted in you by your workplace that could potentially monitor your toilet breaks and how many hours you worked? The chip is the size of a grain of rice and injected into a person's hand It allows workers to open doors, use electronic devices, with potential for more Data collected could .. read more

Soon your car may be able to read your expressions


'When you shop for cat food online, Amazon knows who you are. When you look for the best airfares for summer vacation, Google knows who you are. Soon, when you get behind the wheel, your car may recognize you, too. Using cameras with facial recognition software and other biometric indicators, automakers are looking to personalize the drivin.. read more

Wireless radiation and eye health


Microwave radiation harms the eyes, according to decades of research. Yet, new wireless technologies are exposing the eyes to more radiation than ever. You can see how this radiation damages the eyes here. ( .. read more

Trapped in a cage by Electrosensitivity


'Velma Lyrae spends up to 18 hours a day confined to a cage in her flat in Blackheath, London because she is allergic to modern technology. She can't use a mobile phone, satnav or WiFi, or even use a hairdryer to blow dry her hair. She suffers from an increasingly common condition called electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS) which mea.. read more

Cellphones would be illegal if radiation were tsted in the way they are used


See the video here ( .. read more

Male infertility


'An under-the-radar Israeli study, published late last year [2015], provides relatively strong evidence that some cell phone usage can and will affect men’s sperm counts. Specifically, the study found that it’s dangerous to use your phone in the following ways: For more than one hour per day, fewer than 50 centimeters from your groin, and while.. read more

Phantom phone vibrations


'Have you ever experienced a phantom phone call or text? You're convinced that you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, or that you heard your ring tone. But when you check your phone, no one actually tried to get in touch with you. A team the University of Michigan found over 80% of college students experience phantom phone ca.. read more

Screenagers - the Movie


Award-winning SCREENAGERS probes into the vulnerable corners of family life, including the director's own, and depicts messy struggles, over social media, video games, academics and internet addiction. Through surprising insights from authors and brain scientists solutions emerge on how we can empower kids to best navigate the digital world. .. read more

Changing the magnetic field of Mars


NASA scientists are looking at how deploying a magnetic shield could enhance Mars' atmosphere and facilitate crewed missions there in the future. 'The current scientific consensus is that, like Earth, Mars once had a magnetic field that protected its atmosphere. Roughly 4.2 billion years ago, this planet's magnetic field suddenly disappeare.. read more

Tetra-exposed workers may be at risk


'The use of terrestrial trunked radios (TETRAs) has raised concerns about health and sickness absence. Jackie Cinnamond looks at the evidence for a precautionary approach. The British police and the other emergency services use a communication system involving technology called TETRA (terrestrial trunked radio), which is halfway between a m.. read more

Screen time seminar, Colarado


'The growing trend of giving children one-to-one devices such as Chrome-books, laptops, virtual reality headsets, and iPads at school is increasing the amount of screen time our children experience daily. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, today's children are spending an average of SEVEN hours per day on entertainment media, incl.. read more

The Secret Inside Your Cellphone


'As new science fuels the debate about cellphone safety, we take a closer look at a little known message inside your cellphone's settings and manual telling you to keep the device 5 to 15 mm away from your body. We ask why this message exists, why it's so hidden, and whether Health Canada is doing enough to protect us.' You can see the exce.. read more

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity


Dr Mary Redmayne recently presended an e-poster called Past, Present and Future Hypersensitivity: History, Definition and Proposed Diagnostic Guidelines" at the 15th World Congress on Public Health in Melbourne. You can see her presentation here. The link is here. ( (http://.. read more

What Screen Time and Screen Media Do To Your Child’s Brain and Sensory Processing Ability


'It’s a scene we’re sure you’ve witnessed again and again: A family is sitting in a restaurant having dinner. The four year old is clearly fed up with sitting, and starts to complain, jump on her seat or run around. But a few moments later, she’s quietly in her seat again, enabling her parents and older siblings to enjoy a peaceful meal and.. read more

What we need to know


What do we need to know about how electromagnetic radiation affects our bodies? Professor Dariusz Leszczynski has prepared a 'BRIEF REPORT on the Gaps in the Knowledge about the Health Effects of the RF-EMF Exposure' which outlines his suggestions about what studies need to be conducted. You can read his report here. (https://betweenro.. read more

Autism and EMF


One of the reasons for the increase in autism is exposure to electromagnetic fields, says Dr Martin Pall. You can hear him speak about this important issue here ( .. read more

Lawyers seek those with mobile phone -related health problems.


A US law firm is seeking people who have been damaged by mobile phone radiation to take part in legal action. 'For more than 60 years our firm has stood up for victims of all kinds of personal injuries and the families of wrongful death victims. Today we have dedicated a practice to focus on a helping a specific kind of victim – those w.. read more

Reykjavik Appeal


The Reykjavik Appeal on wiireless technology in schools (EMR and Health March 2017) is a document endorsed by scientists from around the world recommending actions to reduce children's exposure to wireless radiation in schools. The Appeal is now available online here. ( read more

Cell phones, wifi and cancer: will Trump's budget cuts zap vital 'electrosmog' research?


'Just as long term research into the health impacts of the 'electrosmog' created by wifi and mobile phones is yielding its first results, it's at risk of sudden termination from President Trump's budget cuts, writes Paul Mobbs. But the cuts have little to do with saving money - and a lot to do with protecting corporate profit and economic growt.. read more

Parent testifies wireless radiation causes heart problems for child


A mother tells the Palto Alto California School Board that her child experiences heart problems from exposure to wireless radiation. You can see her testimony here. ( .. read more

Brain and eyes


Want to irradiate your brain and eyeballs. Try this ( on for size. .. read more

App to test sperm


People can now use their smart phone to analyse the quality of their sperm. The irony is that mobile phone radiation has been associated, in many studies, with reductions in sperm viability that may be associated with infertility. 'Smartphones can now be used to track and analyze sperm. Researchers from Harvard Medical School and Bri.. read more

EHS US haven


'GREEN BANK, West Virginia—The barrage of noise and distractions that are all but inescapable in most American communities is refreshingly absent in this unassuming hamlet, located in the wooded hills of Pocahontas County, four hours west of Washington, D.C. Here, no cell phones chirp or jingle, and local kids aren't glued to the glo.. read more

Parents install WiFi switches in school


'Parents had Wifi switches installed in a Finnish school. In the Fiskars primary school located in Raasepori in Southern Finland parents have long struggled against Ipad and Wifi based learning. They couldn't prevent the installation of Wifi hot spots, but their struggle had results: now in every class room there is a switch by which th.. read more

Magnetic systems and the brain


'Scientists from the University of Granada (UGR) have proven for the first time that there is a close relationship between several emerging phenomena in magnetic systems (greatly studied by condensed matter physicists) and certain states of brain activity. The researchers, who have published their work in the journal Neural Networks, have .. read more

QANTAS irradiates passengers


Qantas has begun to expose passengers and crew to in-flight wireless radiation. Yesterday, the airline launched its first flight with Wi-Fi radiation, promoting it as an opportunity for passengers to experience 'streaming video while you're flying, or you can just jump on Facebook or Instagram or YouTube or any other web browsing you might .. read more

Peer-reviewed science losing credibility


'Science today, in all fields, is plagued by corruption. Yet, more often than not, attempts to create awareness about scientific fraud — an issue that few journalists have been willing to address — are met with the response, “Well, is it peer-reviewed?” Although good science should always be reviewed, using this label as a form .. read more

Wireless World of Health Harms


'January 30, 2017, Olga Sheean presented an opus-like, 57-page report “Setting the standard for a wireless world of harm,” a call for action and accountability [1] to the United Nations for whom she worked at one time until, unfortunately, she became electromagnetically hypersensitive (EHS). She worked at UNAIDS, the joint United Nations Progra.. read more

Headset explodes on plane


'An airline passenger was left with a burnt and blackened face, burnt hair and a blistered hand when her battery-powered headphones exploded during a flight to Melbourne. The un-named passenger's story has been shared by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau with a warning about headphones and other battery-operated devices on airplanes.' .. read more

Online at work


How much time do you spend online at work? Statistics show that the average American spends nearly one quarter of their work day browsing the internet for non-work-related activities! You can read more interesting statistics here. ( .. read more

Wireless radiation and children's health


Professor Dariusz Leszczynski is a world expert in the field of the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation. You can see a video of his talk on Wireless Radiation and Children's Health in in Reykjavik, Iceland here. ( .. read more

5G not tested for heath & safety


'Okay! Are consumers ready for this one, which ought to be categorized as ‘crazy science gone off the rails and into a ditch’? 5G Wi-Fi everywhere! Including Google’s “Project SkyBender” to beam Internet and Wi-Fi from the sky! But to that super-saturated microwave game plan, add 5G Wi-Fi transmitters mounted about every 50 or so feet on light .. read more

Apple shuts down wireless router team


'Apple has reportedly killed off the Airport, its wireless router. The firm is believed to have moved employees working on the product to other areas, according to Bloomberg's Marc Gurman. Apple has not updated the product, which comes in three versions, since 2013.' You can read more here. ( read more

WHO's Environmental Health Criteria


'How single-sided, outdated and obsolete will be the EHC RF-EMF when it will be, hopefully, published in 2018? WHO EMF Project, under the ICNIRP’s “supervision”, is preparing the Environmental Health Criteria for radio-frequency modulated electromagnetic fields (EHC RF-EMF). This document will evaluate all possible health risks from the rad.. read more

Smart phone addiction


'Social media monitoring apps targeting programs like Facebook and Instagram are revealing alarming habitual behaviour and extreme levels of smart phone use. You may not realise it, but you are probably reaching for your smart phone with high frequency. It just takes a free app to give you the cold, hard statistics. "If you ask peop.. read more

Everything you need to know about 5G


Everything You Need to Know About 5G Millimeter waves, massive MIMO, full duplex, beamforming, and small cells are just a few of the technologies that could enable ultrafast 5G networks. Today’s mobile users want faster data speeds and more reliable service. The next generation of wireless networks—5G—promises t.. read more

Touting for business?


Is the Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre looking for more patients? It's become the first in South Australia to irradiate patients with cancer. 'Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre is the only radiation oncology practice in South Australia to provide patients and visitors with free Wi-Fi access. It is now available at all four of our treat.. read more

Digital Dads say phones down for kids


'A pair of tech-savvy far north Queensland fathers have issued a challenge to all Australians: put the smartphone down, engage with your family and raise money for charity. The 2016 Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey found that, collectively, Australians interact with their smartphones more that 480 million times per day. After discoverin.. read more

Programming people to use their phones


'Whether you're killing time in line at Starbucks or scrolling through an endless meme stream on Twitter, your smartphone is trying to seduce you. Former Google employee Tristan Harris felt something needed to be done to combat tech designers' relentless efforts to influence our behavior. Special correspondent Cat Wise talks to Harris as part o.. read more

5G wireless


'5G wireless data is coming, and it will change everything. It will be in your house, your office and the places in between. It will not just follow your car, but speak to it. 5G wants you to be comfortable about all this, because 5G cares about you. Maybe I’m laying on the hype a little thick for this future advance in wireless broadband... read more

More radiation for the home!


'A new method developed by Disney Research for wirelessly transmitting power throughout a room enables users to charge electronic devices as seamlessly as they now connect to WiFi hotspots, eliminating the need for electrical cords or charging cradles. The researchers demonstrated their method, called quasistatic cavity resonance (QSCR), i.. read more

WiFi in classrooms


A British teacher says that introducing WiFi in classrooms has made lessons chaotic. You can read the article in the Guardian here. ( .. read more

What's happening to the bees?


Electromagnetic radiation has been shown to have harmful effects on bee colonies, as we described in the December issue of 'EMR and Health'. To what extent might it be contributing to the decrease in bee populations that this New York Times article describes here ( read more

School bans mobile phones


'An east-end middle school is making the call to ban cellphones from all of its classrooms and hallways after parents and teachers reported distractions were at an all-time high. Earl Grey Senior Public School principal Bill Vatzolas sent a note home to parents this week, notifying them of the decision. “This policy change is the result.. read more



Using a mobile phone and/or WiFi could be factors in migraine, according to researchers from Iran. 'Our study showed that the number and severity of migraine headaches were concomitant with more use of mobile phone during the day and Wi-Fi per week. These findings indicated that some RF-EMF may be correlated with more severe migraine h.. read more

Suppressed documents to be released


'California could have to hand over some documents on cellphone use it tried to keep under wraps. On Friday, a Superior Court judge ruled the state must release papers discussing the possible risks of long-term cellphone use. The documents were written by the state’s Environmental Health Investigations branch and are believed to contai.. read more

Half families text each other inside the same house


Half of British families text each other, even though family members live in the same house. You can see more details here. ( .. read more

Victory after 17-year phone tower battle


Residents of Meir in the UK have finally achieved victory in their 17-year fight to remove phone mast blamed for cancer deaths. You can see more here. ( .. read more

Petition for wired landlines under NBN


'This submission is on behalf of people suffering from the condition of EHS/ MTS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome/ Microwave Toxicity Syndrome). Those with this condition cannot tolerate wireless signals without becoming ill. This can occur when exposed to such: wifi, mobile telephony, bluetooth, etc. Under the NBN, rural area.. read more

Wirelss radiation and children's health


Professor Dariusz Leszczynski presents the slides of his presentation on 'Wireless radiation and children's health' at the Reykjavik conference on February 24, 2017 here. ( .. read more

Mobile phone distraction


'Two researchers from Hokkaido University have empirically verified that the mere presence of a cell phone or smartphone can adversely affect our cognitive performance. The phenomenon was particularly marked among individuals who infrequently use such devices. While it was well known that the use of cell phones or smartphones (hereafter, mo.. read more

Can you help Jodie?


'A microwave tower, stationed 300 meters from my home has caused me to be homeless. I suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS). The radiation from the tower effects every part of my body causing unrelenting pain and suffering. The only option I have is to raise money to purchase non-radiated land, to relocate. I .. read more

Smart doll a privacy risk


'My Friend Cayla is a smiling, blonde doll that can answer questions and play games by pairing with a smart device. She might also be spying on you. German watchdog group the Bundesnetzagentur ( (Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, .. read more

Mobile phone radiation and health


What does the research say about mobile phone radiation and the stress response in cells and the blood-brain-barrier and what does the science of proteomics have to say? Professor Dariusz Leszczynski recently gave a presentation to an Expert Forum in Jerusalem and you can see his slides here. (https://betweenrockandhardplace.wordpress.c.. read more

WiFi in schools - teacher's measurements


In the March 2017 issue of EMR and Health we reported the results of an Australian study on the levels of WiFi radiation in 23 schools in NSW and Victoria. This has sparked some interesting feedback. One teacher wrote to us and said: 'I have measured two schools including our own with no-one in them and you will find the below (.. read more

Free news update


Get up-to-date with the latest news and events on EMR. The latest issue of 'EMR and Health' is now available & contains: a new Australian study on WiFi in schools; the link between nonionising radiation and cancer; a feature on how wireless radiation affects plants; an appeal by scientists for world authorities to protect .. read more

WiFi radiation - is it harming your family?


'WiFi has revolutionised the way we work, learn and live. While the radiation waves it emits are very low, some scientists fear it's damaging our health, and we won't know the full effects for generations to come.' You can see this report on WiFi by Today Tonight here ( .. read more

How wireless technology is harming youth & what parents can do right now


The Kids Are Not All Right How Wireless Tech Is Harming Our Youth And What Parents Can Do Right Now by Alison Main “Children are not little adults and are disproportionately impacted by all environmental exposures, including cell phone radiation. Current FCC standards do not account for the unique vulnerability and use .. read more

Chronic fatigue syndrome and EHS


Many people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity also suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). A new paper by independent researcher Julian Glassford, published in the journal Frontiers in Physiology, looks at the symptoms and causes of this debilitating condition. It says, 'Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome .. read more

Brain tumours in the young are increasing


'A new report published in the journal Neuro-Oncology and funded by the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) finds that malignant brain tumors are the most common cause of cancer-related deaths in adolescents and young adults aged 15-39 and the most common cancer occurring among 15-19 year olds.' You can read the details here. (https://ww.. read more

Mobile phone destroyedmy health


Here is Leesa' story: On 17th June 2009 I spoke on a NOKIA 6120 mobile phone for the duration of the battery life as part of my job as a Project Engineer, while working for the Road and Traffic Authority of New South Wales (RTA). Previous to this period of working for the RTA, for many years I had only used my personal m.. read more

Clinical Environmental Medicine - how you can help


Clinical Environmental Medicine provides advanced training focusing on individual medical care of illnesses associated with the environment. Huge numbers of people now suffer from chronic disease linked to environmental causes. Healthcare urgently needs many more physicians with competence in patient-focused Clinical Environmental Medic.. read more

Is your smart TV watching YOU?


'Vizio, one of the world's biggest makers of Smart TVs, is paying $2.2 million to settle charges that it collected viewing habits from 11 million devices without the knowledge or consent of the people watching them. According to a complaint filed Monday ( read more

Reykjavik Conference on Chidlren, Screen time and Wireless Radiation


An International Conference on Children, Screen time and Wireless Radiation will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland, on February 24 2017. The day will end with an appeal which attendees will be invited to endorse.More information will be posted as it becomes available. .. read more

Complementary medicine under attack


For those of you who saw the 'Four Corner's' program last night: 'A group of scientists and doctors who call themselves the “Friends of Science in Medicine” (FSM) are relaunching an attack on complementary medicine. During last week, there was a segment on Channel 9 News in Australia suggesting pharmacies are receiving kickbacks from co.. read more

Gwyneth Paltrow concerned about mobile phones


'Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has urged the public to educate themselves on the dangers of cell phone radiation and Wifi. In a blog post on her website entitled: ‘Are Cell Phones and WiFi Signals Toxic?’, the Hollywood actress claims that these new inventions may be responsible for the surge in brain cancers. She writes: ‘The scientifi.. read more

South Pacific islands ban western junk food and go organic


'A group of south Pacific islands are banning foreign junk food imports in favour of an all-local, organic diet as a way to combat future health problems. Torba province, part of Vanuatu (, aims to impose restrictions on the import of western foodstuffs and instead take advantage of its productive a.. read more

Addressing lead pollution


We think this article is of interest because heavy metal toxicity appears linked with the condition of electromagnetic hypersensitivity. 'Cities and towns across the United States are taking action after a Reuters report identified thousands of communities where children tested with lead poisoning at higher rates than in Flint, Michigan. .. read more

Electricity meter causes pain


'The Le Sueur City Council chose to remove an electricity meter from the home of a woman who claims it is causing her and her daughter pain. Nancy Halbmaier stepped up to the microphone during the public comment portion of the Jan. 9 meeting and said the city’s new electricity meters were causing her pain. The City Council listened to her p.. read more

Letter to the World Health Organisation


'The goal of this document is not to present the science, since you already know the facts. And we know that you know, which makes your inaction all the more egregiously irresponsible. The goal is, rather, to alert governments, healthcare agencies, service-providers and others to WHO’s gross misrepresentation of the truth, its denial of the sc.. read more

Feeling phone tower radiation


'Peter Sullivan and I are driving around Palo Alto, California, in his black Tesla Roadster when the clicking begins. The $2,500 German-made instrument resting in my lap is picking up electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from a nearby cell tower. As we follow a procession of BMWs and Priuses into the parking lot of Henry M. Gunn High School, the click.. read more

Electrosensitivity on the rise


'Wi-Fi radiation is the main cause of an impairment - a thousand cases have already been registered at the Clínic. At the same speed that the presence of electromagnetic waves is increasing in the environment - emitted by telephone antennas, power lines or Wi-Fi networks - so is the activity of Dr. Joaquín Fernández Solà, chronic fatigu.. read more

Swedish policeman's cancer story


This is an account by a 26yo police officer who was diagnosed with a brain tumor after using the Swedish radio system, similar to Tetra, called Rakel. My name is Roger Carlstrom. I have worked as a police officer for 26 years. I am writing this appeal to all of you who work with children in schools and kindergartens, all decision makers in .. read more

Mercury amalgam ban


The European Union institutions, the [European] Commission, the Council [of the European Union] and the European Parliament have agreed to ban the use of mercury amalgam fillings from children and pregnant women - though the decision has yet to be ratified. Amalgam fillings in dentistry release mercury into the body and this has often .. read more

Device addiction workshop


'Are your children spending too much time on digital tech devices? Do you want them to know the negative effects of too much tech? Do you want them to be SMART tech users? This workshop is designed for children (10 yrs+) and adolescents to gain knowledge about the adverse health effects of valuable tech gadgets that help us communic.. read more

Scientific misconduct


'In 2011 Interphone scientists committed scientific misconduct when instead of publishing all data concerning correlation between brain tumor localization and exposure distribution in the brain in a single study, they split data and published two separate studies.' You can read Professor Dariusz Lezczynski's enlightening account of how scie.. read more

Teltra urged to turn WiFi off


Telstra's customers are asking how to turn WiFi off on Telstra routers. On Telstra's Crowd Support webpage, there are numerous request for information about how to turn off wifi on the Telstra Gateway Max Modem. Some customers have pointed out that they are measuring radiation from the router even with the router apparently turned off. .. read more

US smart meter option possible


'JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (Dec. 16, 2016) – A bill prefiled in the Missouri legislature for the 2017 session would ensure customers can opt out of installing “smart meter” technology on their homes and businesses. Passage of the bill would allow Missourians to protect their own privacy, and it would take a step toward blocking a federal program in e.. read more

Allergic to WiFi


'Wifi does my head in.' Ex-nurse claims she’s ‘unable to leave the house’ due to her painful allergy to TV, phone and internet signals. Having quit nursing job and moved house twice to escape electromagnetic waves, Kim De'Atta now can't leave home without a net on her head. You can read her story here. ( read more

WiFi sensitivity


'A woman who says she is ‘allergic to WiFi’ and unable to receive NHS treatment has been forced to move out of her home because of her condition. Rachel Hinks, 43, of Brideoake Close in Chichester, claims she suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) – meaning her immune system is severely affected by electromagnetic fields from .. read more

French turn off from smart phones


'French companies will be required to guarantee a "right to disconnect" to their employees from Sunday as the country seeks to tackle the modern-day scourge of compulsive out-of-hours email checking. From January 1, a new employment law will enter into force that obliges organisations with more than 50 workers to start negotiations to defin.. read more

EMR and nervous system


Electromagnetic fields, such as those from a TV or computer, affect the nervous system, according to information in a US patent. 'Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies near ½ Hz or 2.4 Hz, such as to .. read more

Wi-Fried available in Italian


The Australian documentary Wi-Fried aired in February 2016 and addressed health issues related to mobile phone and wireless radiation. The documentary has been translated into Italian. Il 16 Febbraio 2016 un documentario sulle radiazioni elettromagnetiche chiamato 'Wi-Fried?' è andato in onda sulla TV australiana ABC e ha immed.. read more

Phones exceed safety limits


'WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE ( Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s General Counsel, Howard Symons, Esq., and Associate Chief Counsel in the Office of Engineering and Technology, Bruce Romano, Esq., have offered no acknowledgement or reply to an inquiry posing questions about whether the FCC is adequately .. read more

Loungeroom a wireless charging station?


Would you like to turn your living room into a wireless charging station? Researchers demonstrate that the technology already exists to produce a wireless power transfer system similar to a flat-screen TV that could remotely charge any device within its line of sight. You can read about it here. ( read more

Berkeley's Right-to-know legislation


The US City of Berkeley has been embroiled in a lengthy legal battle with the telecommunications industry over its warning labels for mobile phone radiation. You can read the latest on the battle by Susan Foster here. ( read more

Internet of things - the consequences


The internet-of-things would see our domestic appliances whisking information this way and that using wireless radiation. Apart from the radiation these devices emit, what do they mean for personal privacy and security? Here's ( what KT Weaver has to say. .. read more

Device addiction


Are your children spending too much time on digital tech devices? Do you want them to know the negative effects of too much tech? Do you want them to be SMART tech users? A workshop on 'Preventing Device Addiction' is being held in Castle Hill on Monday 23 January 2017, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm AEDTThis workshop is designed for childr.. read more

Science and Wireless 2016


Alzheimer’s, ICNIRP & 5G: Report from the Science & Wireless 2016, Melbourne, Australia Professor Dariusz Leszczynski attended the event and reports on the content and nature of the presentations. Is there any value in the Science and Wireless event or is the eventa a PR exercise for wireless technology? You can read Prof Leszcz.. read more

Wireless allergy


'A woman claims she has been left housebound by mobile phone masts and Wi-Fi in her local area. Kim De'Atta believes she suffers from electromagnetic sensitivity - meaning signals can cause her migraines, fatigue and infections. As a result of the illness, she is rarely able to leave her home in Chard, Somerset, preventing her from see.. read more

How the internet restricts thinking


'We live in a world of curation. The internet — aided by algorithms that predict what we search, buy, listen to, read, watch and even who we want to date and marry — expertly helps to us find what we want. Well, as long as it’s similar to whatever we’ve liked in the past. The digital revolution is enabling us to live happily.. read more

phone ban improves teen behavoiur


'..when mother Karly Tophill imposed a dramatic year-long ban to separate her teenage son from his iPhone, she was shocked by the change in his behaviour. Within six weeks she said 13-year-old Dylan seemed happier, more talkative and more energetic, did better with homework and even volunteered to help her with household chores.' You c.. read more



This is one way to deal with forgetfulness. 'A Japanese city has introduced a novel way to keep track of senior citizens with dementia who are prone to getting lost -- tagging their fingers and toes with scan-able barcodes.' You can read more here. ( read more

letter to WHO


A group of independent scientists has written to the World Health Organisation asking it to change the composition of its membership. The letter states, 'The BioInitiative Working Group urges the World Health Organization to make changes to the WHO RF EHC Core Group membership to more fairly reflect membership and expertise of the 2011 IARC.. read more

Digital heroin


It’s ‘digital heroin’: How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies ( By Dr. Nicholas Kardaras ( Susan [not her real name] bought her 6-year-old son John an iPad when he was in first grade... read more

text messaging with smart phone changes brain patterns


'Sending text messages on a smartphone can change the rhythm of brain waves, according to a new study published in the journal 'Epilepsy and Behavior'. You can read more about his here. ( .. read more

Elderly Man with EHS Abused by Hospital and Nursing Home


This is a disturbing story about how an elderly man with electrical hypersensitivity was mistreated by the medical and social system. Elderly people with electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) who are institutionalized are made to suffer. The personnel is supposed to listen to people with disabilities and try to accommodate their needs and w.. read more

Poland conference


You can see Professor Dariusz Leszczynski’s presentation at the conference in Warsaw, Poland and see the link to the entire conference here. ( .. read more

How WiFi affects Rosi


'Suffering from extreme migraines and breathing problems, [Rosi] Gladwell was diagnosed with electromagnetic sensitivity four years ago. Forced to rid her property of mobile phones and computers, Gladwell is now launching a campaign to educate others about the condition.' You can read more about how Rosi is affectted by wireless radiati.. read more

Apple stops making wireless routers


'Apple Inc. has disbanded its division that develops wireless routers, another move to try to sharpen the company’s focus on consumer products that generate the bulk of its revenue, according to people familiar with the matter.' You can read more here. ( read more

Great new resource


The Competence Initiative has released another brochure in English: 'Health Implications of Long-term Exposure to Electrosmog' (English edition 2016), by Karl Hecht. The document provides an excellent summary of the results of Russian research on exposure to electromagnetic fields and its findings are consistent with the symptoms o.. read more

EMF Conference, Warsaw


Tomorrow a conference entitled 'Medical, Biological, Technical and Legal Aspects of Electromagnetic Field Influence on Environment' will be held in Warsaw, Poland. Among the speakers will be Professor Dariusz Leszczynski, who will be speaking about 'Cell Phone Radiation, Health Hazard and Precaution'. You can see more details here. (htt.. read more

mobile Floww device


The mobileFloww device attaches to mobile phones and manufacturers claim that it provides EMR protection. Recently, a team of scientists conducted a pilot study on the device to see whether using a mobile phone with and without the device caused any changes on average erythrocyte aggregation (AEA) in blood samples. The authors concluded.. read more

Doctor speaks about EHS


Medical doctor Dr. Scott Eberle of the Santa Clara County Medical Association has written about electromagnetic hypersensitivity in the Monterey County Medical Society Bulletin. You can read his article here ( ) (pages 8-11). .. read more

Hear Olle Johansson


Professor Olle Johansson of Sweden's Karolinska Institute is an outspoken advocate for people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity and has conducted important research on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the skin. Here are two of his presentations. Olle Johansson at the Open Mind Conference 2014 ( read more



Professor Dariusz Leszczynski is an expert in the on electromagnetic radiation.He is an Adjunct Professor ofBiochemistry, editor-in-chief of the journal 'Frontiers in Radiation and Health' and worked for 22 years at the Finnish radiation authority, STUK. In his recent trip to Australia, Professor Leszczynski presented a number of lectures i.. read more

WiFi - the risks


'Technology safety educator Cece Doucette and parent Keith Marciniak share how they independently discovered wireless technology is hazardous to our health. Both opened the conversation with their public school districts, and this episode highlights how Ashland Public Schools became the first in the nation to put in place Best Practices f.. read more

Did you know this abut smart technology?


'Samsung has admitted that their smart TVs listen and record customers’ every word, and that they send these recordings to unnamed third-party services.' You can read more here. ( .. read more

Autoimmune disease


Could electromagnetic fields contribute to autoimmune disease? When the body is exposed to these fields, there is the potential for it to reduce its tolerance to its own immune cells, according to a study conducted in Italy. You can read about it here. ( read more

WHO's EMF Project petition


Concerns have been expressed that the WHO's EMF Project has been overly influenced by the wireless industry. The following petition is now available online: “Make your voice count Sign this VOTE of NO CONFIDENCE in WHO’s EMF Project We, the undersigned, being aware of and/or harmed by the adverse biological effects of EMFs, .. read more

Solving a high-field problem


This customer had high magnetic fields inside his home that were a source of some concern. He hired our FW Bell 4180 magnetic field meter and used this to identify the source of his problem and find a solution. Here's his feedback: After a comprehensive check of the household electrical equipment and associated circuits, the.. read more

No WiFi in Schools


'School children are facing a massive health crisis if the governments and education authorities continue to ignore the warnings on the potential health effects from long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices. Many scientists and medical experts warn that long-term exposure to EMR interferes with the body’s internal b.. read more

Olle Johansson


'On this week's OUT OF THE BAG The wonderful Olle Johansson will be joined me to talk about the HEALTH EFFECTS of Electro Magnetic Fields and much more! Olle Johansson is associate professor at the Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. He gave his views EXPOSING the evil that.. read more

Rings of hate


With this ring, I thee irradiate. Now there's a ring that lets you irradiates your partner. 'See and feel the real-time heartbeat of your loved one wherever you are, without disturbing the other side.' the website says. You can see more here. ( .. read more

Airplane mode doesn't always protect


Turning your phone to airplane mode may not be sufficient to prevent it emitting radiation. You can read more here. ( .. read more

Leszczynski in Sydney


Professor Dariusz Leszczynski will be giving a lecture in Sydney at the University of New South Wales (UNSW): Health Effects of Wireless Radiation: Possible or Probable or…? Location: UNSW CBD Campus (Level 6), 1 O’Connell St Sydney Time: 11.30am on Friday, December 2, 2016. For more information, see here. (https://betwe.. read more

Look at what this tower cost Jody


This is Jody's story. 'A microwave tower, stationed 300 meters from my home has caused me to be homeless. I suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS). The radiation from the tower effects every part of my body causing unrelenting pain and suffering.' You can read more about her situation and perhaps help here .. read more

Are mobile phone towers safe?


Here's ( a list of78 Studies Showing Health Effects from Cell Tower Radiofrequency Radiation compiled by the Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters. .. read more

Hillary would have...


What would Hilary Clinton have done about wireless communications if she'd become president? According to her Initiative on Technology and Innovation, 'Hillary will accelerate this progress and help foster the evolution to 5G, small cell solutions, and other next-generation systems that can deliver faster wireless connections. Widely deploy.. read more

China may be listening to your messages


'WASHINGTON — For about $50, you can get a smartphone with a high-definition display, fast data service and, according to security contractors, a secret feature: a backdoor that sends all your text messages to China every 72 hours.' Is China listening to your phone messages? Find out more here. ( read more

Science and Wireless 2016


The Head to the Hills team attended this week's Science and Wireless presentation and this is their view of the event. "Science and Wireless 2016" - my thoughts -Or... "And you wonder why is the public losing faith in science?" 'On November 22nd, the Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research (ACEBR) held the 10th an.. read more

A free resource


We're pleased to let you know that the December issue of 'EMR and Health' is now available at no charge. This issue includes information about: more evidence that mobile phone radiation affects sperm and DNA and contributes to brain tumours; electromagnetic fields and magnetite; how screen-based devices affect sleep; wireless de.. read more

Apples wireless glasses


'Apple Inc. is weighing an expansion into digital glasses, a risky but potentially lucrative area of wearable computing, according to people familiar with the matter.' You can read more here. ( .. read more

How your mobile phone can reveal intimate details of your lifestyle


'Intimate details of a person's lifestyle, shopping habits and health can now be gleaned from the molecules they leave behind on everyday objects such as smartphones, pens or keys, scientists have proven.' You can read more here. ( read more

Victims talk


Does mobile phone radiation cause cancer? Victims of brain cancer believe they do and you can read what they say here. ( .. read more

Dariusz Leszczynski's Australian lectures


Professor Dariusz Leszczynski will be giving some public talks in Melbourne next week. You can see the details here. ( .. read more

What Adele thinks about WiFi


What does Adele think about WiFi radiation? You can see her view about this and other issues in an interview with Vanity Fair here. ( .. read more

Impact of smart meters


Catherine Frompovich presents evidence about 'The Unspoken Impacts of Smart Meters. Microwave Technologies RFs/EMFs “Harm Human Health” - a case study to be presented to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission: What No One Wants To Acknowledge About EMF Damage. You can read what she has to say here. ( read more

Apple, iphones and blood-brain-barrier


'The release of AirPods, those sleek wireless earbuds from Apple, is again spurring debate over the safety of radiation-emitting devices—including cell phones, WiFi routers, and wireless headsets. While U.S. regulatory agencies and some scientists believe the risk from these devices is either low or unproven, there are experts, including .. read more

Radio genetics


Forget chemistry - now the genes in our bodies can be activated by radiowaves. 'A team at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ( and Rockefeller University ( is developing a system that would make it possible to remotely control biological targets in living animals.' They've shown ho.. read more

Wireless tech reads emotions


Don't worry about looking at people any more - just use technology to find out how they feel. 'Now, a research group at MIT’sComputer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab ( (CSAIL) has built a system called EQ-Radio that can identify emotions using radio signals from a wireless router whether or not a person.. read more

Scientists send WiFi through meat


If you don't think wireless radiation can affect the body, here's news to dispel that belief. 'Now a team in the US has shown that wireless signals can be transmitted through slabs of meat in the lab - and the signals are strong enough to stream video.' You can read the article here. ( read more

Smart phone blindness


'CONSTANTLY USING OUR smartphones may have become the norm, but one of the lesser known perils of constant smart phone use is that they may actually make us blind.' You can read more about the problem here. ( .. read more

ACEBR research update


The Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research (ACEBR) has published an update of the studies it has conducted which can be seen online here. ( .. read more

Correcting misinformation


'I read carefully recent interview with Professor Tapio Ala-Nissilä published in ‘Voi hyvin (‘ journal and in ‘Turun sanomat (’ newspaper and I got very confused. Profes.. read more

Australia's premier science program dropped


'The ABC’s Catalyst program is to lose its weekly slot and its 11 staff – including the suspended presenter Maryanne Demasi – will be made redundant under a radical plan approved by the ABC board. Under the plan the in-house magazine-style program will be replaced by 17 one-hour science specials, mainly from the independent production .. read more

Bees at risk


Bees have been shown to be affected by wireless radiation. Now they're on the endangered list. Is there a connection? 'Bees are important as hell. These winged critters help produce and pollinate over a third of the food ( we and our wildlife eat – from fruits .. read more

I can feel WiFi


'I can feel Wi-Fi. And power lines. And smart phones. And electric heat. And LED lights. But, before you get too excited about my real-life “Spidey sense,” let me warn you, it does not feel good. And I didn’t always possess this extrasensory perceptive power.' Alison Main took the New York business world in her stride ... until life too.. read more

Smart meter risks


How safe is the radiation from 'smart' electricity meters? In an 81-page report, biophysicist Dr Andrew Marino outlines his concerns about exposing people to radiation from smart meters. 'My first purpose is to express my professional opinion that there is a basis in established science for Complainants’ concern regarding.. read more

Hundreds of studies show harm from wireless radiation


Is radiation from mobile phones and phone towers safe? There are over 700 studies showing harmful effects from this exposure - from effects on the brain and nervous system to cancer. A summary of these studies had been compiled by the Main Coalition to Stop Smart Meters and you can see it here. (http://www.mainecoalitiontostopsmartm.. read more

Symptoms improve


Here's a good news story we're pleased to share with you. A man was experiencing severe headaches and his young baby slept poorly and was unsettled. When he discovered that WiFi radiation (from three neighbours) was coming through the wall of his home, he covered the wall with our Naturell shielding fabric (a fine cotton curtain fabric whic.. read more

Wireless devices and children's health


An informative session for parents and educators on the current scientific evidence of effects on physical and mental health and learning skills. This talk is being held in the Wrights Road Community Centre in Kellyville on Tuesday 1st November. You can see the details here. ( read more

Time for everyone to research the effects of electromagnetic radiation


'One on the most interesting meetings of the Standing Committee on Teaching, Learning and Student Supports took place this week. The number one topic on the agenda was “To discuss the impact of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi and cellular towers on students and staff in schools, potentially including neurologic impairment a.. read more

WiFi health warning


'A women who fears her life is being devastated by WiFi and mobile telephone signals is launching her own campaign in Totnes to try to warn the public of the ­dangers. Rosi Gladwell has been forced to banish WiFi and mobile telephones from her Littlehempston home since she realised four years ago she was suffering from a sensitivity to elec.. read more

Hidden Hazards: Common Consumer Products and Indoor Environments


Dean's Lecture, Melbourne School of Engineering. Thursday 10 November, 6-7pm (refreshments served from 5.30-6pm in the Foyer, ground floor) Contrary to popular belief, most of our exposure to hazardous pollutants occurs in places we consider safe—indoor environments, such as homes, schools, and workplaces. Primary sources of t.. read more

Reduce aging


Would you like to reduce the impacts of aging? According to the Australian Financial Review, there are ten tips for doing so - including reducing exposure to wireless radiation. 'By rejecting the traditional model of age-related decline, and caring for the whole body, mind and spirit, you can retain vitality and function.' Read .. read more

Social media linked to depression


'NHS (National Health Service) UK Digital has reported that one in four women suffer from symptoms of depression, a number that has been slowly on the rise. They feel social media may be partially to blame.' You can read more here. ( .. read more

Smart phone killing sleep


'Did you know that your smartphone is killing your sleep? Actually, so are a whole host of tech devices in your home! Dr Karl Kruszelnicki explains how the screens in your life are stopping you from getting quality shut-eye' on 612 ABC Brisbane here. ( (https.. read more

EMR questions


I'm looking forward to participating on the question and answer panel of the Environmental Sensitivities Symposium tomorrow morning at 10am. Please tune in if you have questions about EMR or questions to other speakers on the panel. You can find out more here. ( .. read more

Wireless radiation and the blood-brain barrier


'Dr. Leif Salford is a Neurosurgeon at Sweden’s Lund University Hospital, and a Professor and Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at Lund University. Since 1988 Dr. Salford and his colleagues have conducted many studies on radio frequency radiation and its effects on the brain, exposing over 1,600 experimental animals to ‘low-level’ radi.. read more

Hear Lyn McLean at the 2016 Essymposium


Lyn McLean will be a guest speaker at the 2016 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium. You can hear her speak tomorrow, 18th October, on the topic of electromagnetic radiation, the Australian situation and international standards and policies. Lyn will offer some suggestions of what people with environmental sensitivities can do to help them.. read more

Smart meter & nerve damage


'Everyone knows that wireless "smart" meters communicate via microwaves. What was unknown until now is that additional frequencies are transmitted in the 2 to 50 kilohertz range. Numerous studies have shown repeatedly that those very same frequencies disrupt the human nervous system. Indeed, "nerve block" is the phrase used in the studies to de.. read more

Do Cell phones and WiFi harm our body?


'Life requires energy. This isn’t something mystical, it’s biology. Electric impulses flow through our nerves, cells, and muscles—basically every cell and system in the human body carries a charge. This energy helps our bodies move and function. But our energy environment isn’t what it used to be. Over the last few decades, several ne.. read more

Last chance!


Don't miss out! The Environmental Sensitivities Symposium starts on Monday. This free event presents 15 speakers from around the globe providing information about environmental sensitivities, including electromagnetic hypersensitivity, chemical sensitivity, heavy metals, mould and more. Lyn McLean will be talking about electromagnet.. read more

Video gamer develops brain tumour


A teenager whose mother believed his headaches were from playing too many computer games was diagnosed with a brain tumour after a trip to the opticians. Callum Salkeld had been suffering from constant headaches for months. He underwent surgery to remove a 2-cm tumour and cyst. You can read more here. ( read more

I am an EMF refugee


'I can feel Wi-Fi. And power lines. And smart phones. And electric heat. And LED lights. But, before you get too excited about my real-life “Spidey sense,” let me warn you, it does not feel good. And I didn’t always possess this extrasensory perceptive power.' Author Alison Main describes her experiences of electromagnetic hypersensitiv.. read more

7 ways your wifi could be harming you


Do you use wifi in your home, your work, your school? There are at least seven ways it could be harming you, according to an article in 'The Cable Lifestyle'. You can read about them here. ( .. read more

One week to go!


One week to go before the 2016 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium starts. This free online events presents 15 speakers who are experts in their fields speaking about electromagnetic radiation/hypersensitivity, chemical sensitivity, mould and a range of other environmental sensitivities. Don't miss out. Find out more and register for .. read more

Berkeley's right-to-know law


The US media is picking up on the conflict of interest in an important legal case affecting the city of Berkeley's right-to-know legislation informing mobile phone users of potential risks. The CTIA (an industry association) has taken legal action challenging the city's right-to-know legislation. One of the three judges appointed to hea.. read more



Are Applie's new wireless airbuds safe? Apple’s new AirPods are wireless earbuds that employ Bluetooth technology to communicate with your smart phone, laptop, or smart watch. According to Apple, “After a simple one-tap setup, AirPods are automatically on and always connected.”' You can read more about whether these devices .. read more

Mobilze Film on EMR


Mobilize is an investigative documentary that explores the long-term health effects of cell phone radiation, including cancer and infertility. Clear Light Ventures is sponsoring free viewing of Mobilize from September 15 to October 16, 2016 - click on the video below, sign-in to Vimeo with Facebook or your email and enter promo co.. read more

Interview with Lyn McLean


Lyn McLean, Director of EMR Australia, is a speaker at the Australian Environmental Sensitivities Symposium, starting on October 17. You can hear Lyn speak with Lucinda Curran, organiser of the Symposium here. ( .. read more

Prof Olle Johansson on EHS


Yesterday we ran a story about Stephanie Dickerson's experience of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Today, you can read Professor Olle Johansson's response here. ( Professor Johansson has been a keen advocate for people with EHS and.. read more

Being electrosensitive


Stephanie Dickerson describes the experience of being electromagnetically hypersensitive in the modern world. 'Since I discovered I am EHS, in 2012, I have had to accept loss; loss of my career, loss of my income, family, friends and so much more. It seems every time I feel like I get used to my “new” restricted life, I must fac.. read more

Help for Environmental Sensitivities


Do you suffer from electromagnetic hypesensitivity, chemical sensitivity, allergies, mould sensitivity or any other form of environmental sensitivity? Help is at hand! The 2016 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium is a free event starting soon. The Sympotium brings together 15 experts from around the world, all sharing their pe.. read more

Media manipulation


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the telecommunications industry, as well as food and drugs. According to a new article in Scientific American, the FDA has engaged in media manipulation. It says, 'The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been arm-twisting journalists into relinquishing their reportorial independen.. read more

Microwaves in Europe


What's planned for microwave technology? In this article, Richard Mumford explores the future of microwave and radiofrequency technology in Europe. You can read it here. ( .. read more

Charlie Teo and brain cancer


Dr Charlie Teo is the controversial and outstanding brain surgeon who has spoken publicly about the risks of mobile phone use for developing brain tumours. You can hear him in conversation with Alex Malley here. ( .. read more

Woman's wifi problems


'Leonie Southern says she can no longer live anywhere near sources of wi-fi transmissions because of severe health effects she attributes to a condition known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). The condition is so distressing she and her husband have moved from their home in Bermagui on the NSW far south coast to a farm further inla.. read more

Conflict of interest


There are three recent examples in which a conflict of interest has occurred or is occurring in the telecommunications arena, says Professor Dariusz Leszczynski. They are: 1. A conflict of interest affecting a judge who is to preside over a decision about Berkeley's right-to-know ordinance. 2. The appointment of Tom Wheeler, for.. read more

Pokémon Go and other wireless activities


'I don’t claim to be an expert at Pokémon Go. In fact, I’ve never played the game before. Actually, I don’t even own a smartphone that can run the popular app. But everywhere I go, I see people playing it, walking around aimlessly, paying very little attention to their surroundings. To me, these “players” appear to behave like zombies, staggeri.. read more

Mobiles and driving


Playing games on your mobile phone while driving can have unfortunate consequences. A Baltimore man would, no doubt, be the first to agree. While playing ‘Pokemon Go’, he not only crashed his car, but rammed into a police vehicle. At least he didn’t have to wait long for the police to arrive. (Huffington Post Australia, 21.07.16.) .. read more



Here's something to make you smile... When punishing your kids, don't take away their mobile. Just take their charger and watch the fear in their eyes as they use it less and less while the battery dies. The wi-fi went down for five minutes, so I had to talk to my family. They seem like nice people. Don't know where your kids are in.. read more

Why men should never put their phones in their pockets


Study shows how prolonged exposure to radiation steadily destroys sperm New review of 21 studies found link between phones and sperm count Public health are hesitant to say phones definitely harm sperm - there is currently no way to prove exactly how radiation and sperm count are tied But experts warn this review provides compelling enou.. read more

Wireless in schools


Is it safe for children to be exposed to wireless radiation in schools? Cecelia Doucette delivered a 33-minute talk to her local Board of Health.You can hear her speak below and you see she has included links to each of the materials she references in the Comments section. It includes another video giving a demonstration with an Acoustimete.. read more

Devices, anxiety and kids


How digital devices are building anxiety in our kids TASMANIAN parents are being urged to help their children unplug from mobile devices amid concerns our hyper-connected world is adding to their anxiety and impacting on mental health. One of the nation’s leading mental health services for schools says the saturation of online game.. read more

Modern life killing our kids


'Modern life is killing children with the number of youngsters diagnosed with cancer rising 40 per cent in the past 16 years because of air pollution, pesticides, poor diets and radiation, scientists have warned.' You can read more here. ( read more

Apple phone has no precaution


The new Apple iPhone 7 provides more ways of being irradiated than ever. The new phone has no jacks for the headsets that allow users to keep the phone away from their heads during calls. It will also have wireless in-ear headphones which bring the radiation closer than ever to the brain! You can read more here. (http://www.dailymai.. read more

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity


The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety(ANSES) is seeking feedback on electromagnetic hypersensitivity. '..ANSES launches a public consultation of its draft report on electromagnetic hypersensitivity or idiopathic environmental intolerance attributed to electromagnetic fields. Members of the scient.. read more

How safe are the fields emitting by wireless tech?


'Technology in the 21st century continues to grow and gives all of us instant information that we never had before, but are we using it in a responsible way? During the past few years there has been much research on the rapidly accelerating artificial, electromagnetic field including the National Grid’s digital wireless “smart” meter pilot prog.. read more

Kids cancer increases


'Medical professionals claim we are facing a cancer “epidemic”, with a horrifying 40% rise in children’s cancer being blamed on our modern lifestyles. Car emissions are said to be one of the factors responsible for an alarming rise in childhood cancer. Tablet computers, fast food, mobile phones, car emissions and cleaning agents are said t.. read more

Interview with Dr Olle Johansson


Prof Olle Johansson talks about the symptoms people develop from being exposed to electromagnetic radiation. For his work, validating the condition of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, Prof Johansson has come under considerable attack. You can here his interview on "The Power Hour Radio Show" with Joyce Riley here. (http://archives2016... read more

Wireless radiation and health


'Are we really coping with the increasing amounts of airborne radiation? In 2006, Associate Professor Dr Johansson published a commentary in the Journal of the Australian College of Nutrition & Environmental Medicine with the title, “How shall we cope with the increasing amounts of airborne radiation?” [1] He says that since then scienc.. read more

Screens in education


Does screen-based learning improve education? Here's what Dr Nicholas Kardaras has to say about it: 'The screen revolution has seen pedagogy undergo a seismic shift as technology now dominates the educational landscape. In almost every classroom in America today, you will find some type of screen—smartboards, Chromebooks, tabl.. read more

Wireless risks for children


French newspaper 'Le Monde' has warned about the risks of wireless radiation for children. You can see the article (in French) here. ( .. read more

Helping EHS workers


'There are people who report a sensitivity to electromagnetic sensitivity. Although it has been difficult for the environmental health and medical communities to define, individuals with electromagnetic sensitivity report various symptoms including but not limited to fatigue, weakness, neurological issues, immunological issues, gastrointestinal.. read more

Children's brain tumours on the rise


'According to the Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust, the largest brain tumour charity in the UK, more children now die from a brain tumour than any other childhood cancer.' You can read more here. ( .. read more

Mobiles and the foetus


Mobile phone radiation can affect the developing foetus, says Professor Devra Davis. You can her here talk here. ( .. read more

Relax in this cafe


Take a moment to forget about work. Give your eyes a break from the computer screen. Enjoy the here and now and digest your meal in peace. The Equator Coffee house in California is thriving, despite being WiFi free. You can read more here. ( .. read more

Screens and creativity


Want to be creative? Want your children to be creative? Take a big break from the screens in your lives. You can read more here. ( .. read more

Think before you upgrade


'If you're tempted to upgrade your iPhone next week if, as expected, Apple unveils its new model (, Sue Williams has a word of advice. Don't. "I really hope people will think do they need a new device," says Williams, whose d.. read more

Screen staring


How much time do people spend staring at screens? You might be surprised when you have a look at this. ( .. read more

Legal liability


The telecommunications industry has admitted that its business may be affected by litigation and/or studies finding health effects from exposure. Further, the policies of many insurances companies from around the world exclude cover for electromagnetic radiation. You can see the evidence, compiled by the Environmental Health Trust (.. read more

Smart phones and eye problems


Eye problems are increasing dramatically in China and smart phones could be contributing, say researchers. You can read more about the findings here. ( .. read more

Smart meters cause fires


The devices used to track electricity could suddenly catch fire & put you and your family at risk. You can see the KSH-TV news report on the fire risks of smart meters here. ( .. read more



Lo and Behold! There's a new film on the connected world that looks at the many dimensions of the internet. You can see the trailer for the Werner Herzog film here. ( .. read more

Digital overload


More than a third of British internet users have tried digital detoxing. 'The scale of the UK’s obsession with the internet has been laid bare by a new study showing that the ever increasing amount of time we spend online is leading to lost sleep, neglected housework and less time spent with friends and family. For the first time, t.. read more

Mobile separation sickness


It looks like we have a new sickness to add to the list. 'Those who accidentally leave their smartphones at home report feeling panicked, desperate or sick from being without their device. A new survey by Liberty Insurance, carried out by Millward Brown, looked at how much time we spend on social media and our obsession with smartp.. read more

Driverless cars


It looks like drivers are about to become redundant... 'Today is a milestone moment in Ford’s history. We’re announcing our intent to have fully autonomous vehicles in commercial operation for a ride-hailing or ride-sharing service beginning in 2021. This is significant. Ford will be mass producing vehicles capable of driving fully a.. read more

Health and healing speakers


The World Congress of Integrative Medicines is holding a weekend of talks on health and healing on 7-9 October in Sante Fe, USA. It will include an EMF panel with speakers: Dr Martin Pall Cemilla Rees Dr Dietrich Klinghardt Yury Kronn. Details are available here. ( .. read more

Mobile phones & cancer - video


The evidence linking mobile phones and cancer moved a step closer recently with the release of the major animal study by the US National Toxicology Program (NTP) which showed that exposed animals had higher rates of cancer. The video of the results is now available here. ( read more

Mobile phone chips


Want to protect yourself from mobile phone radiation? Do stick on chips work? Absolutely not, says Professor Dariusz Lezczynski. 'People looking for protection, and naïve enough, may invest in stickers or chips claimed to reduce radiation exposure of cell phone user. Do not believe such thing. It is a scam!' You can read m.. read more

Dust-sized wireless implants


'Engineers at the University of California, Berkeley ( have created the very first dust-sized wireless sensors that may be implanted within the body. This is bringing technology closer to the day that technologies such as the Fitbit will be able to monitor internal nerves, muscles and organs all in real time. These.. read more



The British drama Holby City, is screening a story about a man suffering, unknowingly, from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. It covers his dealings with medical authorities in an effort to obtain help. You can see the episode here. ( .. read more

Wireless safety - free talk


Don't miss out! You can hear Lyn McLean talk about 'Wireless Safety' this weekend at the St George and Sutherland Shire Home Show at Sutherland Basketball Stadium. Lyn will be speaking at 10.30 am on both days and will be available throughout the Show to talk about reducing exposure to EMR. Look out for EMR Australia's stall in the .. read more

Swedish conference


Professor Olle Johansson will be speaking about the 'Adverse health effects of modern electromagnetic fields from wireless telecommunication, such as mobile phones and WiFi' at the 'Life and Mind - Scientific Challenges' conference in Sweden in September. The 10th Biennual European Conference of the Society for Scientific Exploration will .. read more

Free talk on wireless safety


Here's a chance to hear a free talk on 'Wireless Safety' by Lyn McLean, author of 'The Force - living safely with electromagnetic radiation' and 'Wireless-wise Kids'. Lyn will also be available for a free book signing throughout both days. Lyn will be speaking at the St George and Sutherland Shire Home Show at 10.30 am this weekend, 27t.. read more

sStory of Stephanie Dickerson


'Since I discovered I am EHS, in 2012, I have had to accept loss; loss of my career, loss of my income, family, friends and so much more. It seems every time I feel like I get used to my “new” restricted life, I must face yet another loss. As more places implement wifi, my world shrinks even more, until there is literally no where I ca.. read more

WiFi a threat to children's health


US presidential candidate Jill Stein thinks WiFi is a threat to children's health. 'We should not be subjecting kids' brains' to wi-fi,' she has said. You can see her talk about this here. ( .. read more

body deteriorating


'Hearing, eyesight, body functions, memory – all fading. Am I disappearing?' An impassioned article by Toni Turner ( “I lay floating in a hot salt water bath, head back a.. read more

Microwave radiation and health


“Electromagnetic pollution may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible.” — Andrew Weil, MD (, bestselling author 'We live in the information age when we’re bom.. read more

Symptoms improve


Here's a good news story we'd like to share with our readers. A customer and his wife hired our Acoustimeter to measure the wireless fields in their home. They'd been experiencing crippling migraines, jaw and leg spasms, high pitched ringing behind our ears, rosacea, eczema that woudn't heal and arthritis. 'Once we turned off .. read more

Wireless radiation and DNA damage


Dr Jerry Phillips discusses DNA damage from wireless radiation and will also focus on interpreting studies and dealing with criticism from industry and others (AMA, ACS and FDA). You can see his talk here. ( .. read more

Bar blocks mobiles


'A landlord in Sussex has built a "Faraday cage" around his bar to block mobile phone signals, in an attempt to encourage face-to-face conversation.' Owner Steve Tyler said he was sick of people not communicating with each other. You can read more here. ( .. read more

I used to love my cellphone


'I used to love my cell phone, until it almost killed me. I learned the hard way that cell phones/towers transmit harmful microwave radiation, which affects everyone, whether you feel it or not.' You can read Olga Sheean's story here. ( .. read more

Ground current and cow behaviour


Dr Magda Havas has released a video showing the effects of ground current on the behaviour of cows, featuring Dr Don Hillman of Michigan. You can see the video here. ( ) .. read more

Are self-driving cars safe?


Self-driving cars are a reality - but are they safe? In this experiment, electronics experts hacked a jeep's steering and braking systems. You can read more here. ( .. read more

My electro-sensitive hell


'There's at least one section of our community not joining in the frantic clamour for high-speed broadband at present. It's not that they don't want the economy to grow and public services to benefit from faster internet connections.It's just that the cost to their health of all this rapidly-proliferating telecommunications and electrical techn.. read more

Do mobile phones give you brain cancer?


'It is a question any mobile phone user would be keen to have answered – and science does offer some clues. In 2011, for example, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified mobile phone radiation as a possible human carcinogen, group 2B.' You can read Professor Dariusz Leszczynski's article in 'The Conversation' her.. read more

Mobile rage


Mobile rage: Meet the mums who've been ATTACKED by their little girls for trying to confiscate their smartphones Lisa McColl, 35, a Scottish trainee nurse, was punched by her daughter Chloe, 14, fought with Lisa after she tried to take her phone at end of night Sara, 31, a wedding make-up artist from Birmingham, says her five-year-old da.. read more

No school will help Tyler


'Tyler is now 11 years old and has a recognized disability, EHS (electro hypersensitivity), which means with accumulative and prolonged exposure to microwave radiation from wireless technology, he experiences severe headaches, accompanied with vomiting, extreme fatigue, insomnia and now night terrors. For the past 4 years he has been shuffling .. read more

A woman's pain


“I lay floating in a hot salt water bath, head back and salty tears falling into the water. The crushing pain in my head is exhausting. I’m begging God to let me live. “My hearing is fading. My eyesight is fading. My body functions are fading. My memory is fading. I feel like I am disappearing. This is the tenth night of the disappea.. read more

Dirty electricity


The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is seeking public comment about 'dirty electricity' until 11 August. You can read more here. ( .. read more

Power lines


Living near power lines? What can you do? Dr David Carpenter discussed the risks of electromagnetic fields from power lines at a meeting heldin the US town of Hazlet where plans are afoot to build a high voltage power line. You can read about his presentation here. read more

The smart meters that burst


Some of these smart meters burst; some of them flew off the wall. Hydro-Quebec admits to faults from smart meters and you can read the details here. ( .. read more

Scientist speaks out


Dr Mary Redmayne, a scientist working in the EMR field has spoken out about the ABC's treatment of Dr Maryanne Demasi and the Catalyst program 'WiFried?' 'I am shocked with the way Dr Maryanne Demasi of Catalyst programme “Wi-Fried” has been treated. I am a researcher who has been working in the field of radiofrequencies and health for s.. read more



Health problems? Many people with electromagnetic sensitivity have been affected by mould. 'Most people think of mold as something that grows on your expired cottage cheese in the refrigerator or even something that has beneficial effects such as in the creation of penicillin. In fact, mold illnesses are incredibly common and ev.. read more

EHS legal seminar, Victoria


You are invited to attend an information session covering the Law and people with Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Date: Friday 19 August, 2016, 9am to 12.00. Topics Will Include: Australian legislation and case law relating to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome ( EHS ).. read more

Why our kids aren't making memories


In a scary wake-up call for parents, expert Dr Kristy Goodwin explains why digital devices are leading to kids failing to make memories. You can read more here. ( .. read more

WiFi affects teacher's health


A Canadian teacher has been forced to retire because her health was affected by the school's WiFi radiation. Maria Plant, who developed electromagnetic hypersensitivity, has described her reactions to wireless radiation here. ( .. read more

WiFi allergy


This man is allergic to WiFi radiation. ( (In Spanish - but not so hard to get the idea.) .. read more

Marion Bartoli reacts to wireless phones


Wimbelton tennis star Marion Bartoli has told reporters that she reacts to wireless radiation. Ms Bartoli revealed that she has been affected by virus that has had severe repercussions on her health. You can read more here. ( read more

Pete Evans concerned about WiFi


Celebrity chef Pete Evans has expressed concerns about WiFi radiation in defense of journalist Dr Maryanne Demasi, suspended by the ABC for her report 'WiFried?' You can read more here. ( .. read more

Open letter to ABC re Catalyst 'Wi-Fried?' program


Dr Magda Havaas, Associate Professor in Environmental and Resource studies at Trent University in Canada, has written an open letter about the ABC's Catalyst program 'Wif-Fired?' by journalist Dr Maryanne Demasi. 'I recently learned that Wi-Fried, produced by Maryanne Demasi and aired on ABC, Catalyst in Australia, has been removed fr.. read more

Smart phone symptoms


Smart phone users report symptoms - sore heads, sore eyes, sleep problems and fatigue. Users also report a 'fear of missing out'. You can read more here. ( .. read more

Healthy apartments


A Cambridge developer is providing healthy apartments - at a price. The new developments include healthy lighting, air purification and shower water infused with vitamin C, as well as a pool and fitness room. You can read more about it here. ( read more

Scientific Bullshit


Not all science is credible, argues Brian D Earp - and, in fact, some science is positively unethical. In his article 'The Unbearable Asymmetry of Bullshit', published on the website of Oxford University, Earp outlines techniques that have been used by unethical scientists to promote, well, scientific bullshit. You may find it enli.. read more

Musical radiation


Here's a musical video to the sounds of wireless radiation. You can hear it here. ( .. read more

Electrosensitive man, UK


BBC interviews Richard Kimberley, the UK man forced to leave his business and live in a van because of his allergic reactions to wireless radiation. You can hear the program here. ( .. read more

Standards and smart meters


Standards Australia is seeking public feedback on a discussion paper it has released that considers smart meters and other technologies related to the generation and distribution of electricity. The discussion paper is called Standards and the Future of Distributed Electricity and you can read it here. ( read more

Alzheimer's and dementia


A free online summit on Alzheimer's Disease and dementia is being held next week, 25 July to 1 August. The summit includes an interview with Dr. Olle Johannson entitled "Wireless Technology - The threat to brain function" as well as interviews with other experts. You can register for the event here. (http://alzheimersdementiasummit... read more

Phone addiction


How much time do people spend peering at their mobile phones? Take a look at these photos. ( .. read more

ipads affect children's growth


Children's use of ipads could have negative consequences for their muscular development, suggests professor Leon Straker from Curtin University in Perth. Professor Straker said that the devices affected children's play and neck posture and you can read more here. ( read more

Are we really coping with the increasing amounts of airborne radiation?


'The most telling evidence for the dangers of EMRs (electromagnetic radiation) is the fact that the players we so dearly want to believe are protecting us, years ago all abandoned ship and do not take any legal and economic responsibility at all for future health damage of electromagnetic fields from this so-called ‘safe technology’. Among the .. read more

Electrosensitive man


Joel Dean, a software engineer from Jamaica, describes his experience of electromagnetic hypersensitivity - including fatigue and tingling sensations. You can hear him speak about his condition here. ( .. read more

Man suffers EHS symptoms


A UK man says that his electromagnetic hypersensitivity has forced him to close his business. Richard Kimberley, who repairs computers and phones, reports symptoms of fatigue, headaches, memory problems and joint pain when exposed to electromagnetic radiation. You can ready his story here. ( read more

Electric highway


Sweden has introduced the world's first electric highway - a concept that could use electricity to power vehicles and cut Greenhouse emissions. You can read more about it here. ( .. read more

Electronsensitives can respond


Do you experience uncomfortable symptoms when you are near a power line or use a mobile phone or wireless device? You may be one of the many people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity. If so, you might like to register on the global map of people with this condition here. ( read more

Wi-Fried?' - how you can support Dr Demasi


You can support Dr Maryanne Demasi and the excellent Catalyst program 'Wi-Fried?' by adding your name to these petitions: petition 1 ( petition 2 ( read more

Smart meters damage health


Smart meters are reportedly damaging people's health, causing problems such as chronic pain, hair loss, anxiety and insomnia. You can see more, including a video on smart meters by Dr David Carpenter, here. ( .. read more

Students perform worse with computers


Does computer use improve education? Not according to the findings of the MIT. They found that students who used computers performed worse in exams than those without them. You can read more about this here. ( .. read more

Electrohypersensitivity DVD


If you'd like to find out more about electromagnetic hypersensitivity, you can hear Dr. David O. Carpenter, Dr Dominique Belpomme, Paul Héroux PhD and Magda Havas PhD speak at McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine on June 6, 2014. You can order the DVD with their presentations here. ( read more

ABC caves to industry pressure


The ABC has capitulated to the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA). The ABC's Catalyst program 'Wi-Fried?' which aired on 16 February 2016, presented information about the health risks of wireless radiation from mobile phones and WiFi devices.The excellent program was presented by award-winning journalist, Dr Maryanne De.. read more

Cancer risk of mobiles


'Major Cell Phone Radiation Study Reignites Cancer Questions. Exposure to radio-frequency radiation linked to tumor formation in rats.' These are the headlines of an article in Scientific American, which explores the findings and implications of the findings of the US National Toxicological Program - that rats exposed to mobile phone radiat.. read more

LED lights - the risks


LED street lighting may be good for the environment - but the blue light it emits may cause visual problems and be a hazard for drivers. These concerns have recently been raised by the American Medical Association (AMA) in a Guidance released last month. You can read what the AMA has to say about these lights here. ( read more

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity - a personal experience


For many years I lived in an outer suburb of Melbourne in Australia and worked as a Division I nurse four days a week in a very busy surgical ward in a local hospital. Inside my home, ceiling lights were located close to my head as I cooked and I cooked with a microwave oven. I used a mobile phone and almost always carried our cordless pho.. read more

Smart living for heatlh


Smart Living for Health Your health vitally depends on your living environment. Learn about hidden toxins around you and how to reduce your exposure  Widespread environmental toxins are largely responsible for chronic diseases like cancer  Australia has world’s 2nd highest cancer incidence (new diagnosis) rate .. read more

Smart phone blindness


Do you look at your phone when it's dark? You might want to think twice about doing that in future. Medical practitioners report that two women developed temporary blindness after checking their smart phones in the dark. You can read the details here. ( read more

Don't sleep with your mobile phone


Do you sleep close to your mobile phone? Do you wake up feeling tired or does your head feel heavy? Spare a thought for the electromagnetic radiation the phone is exposing you to as you sleep. You can read more here. ( .. read more

Selfies increase ageing


Did you know that taking selfies with your mobile phone can age your skin and increase wrinkles? That is the opinion of dermatologists speaking at a recent London conference. You can read more about this here. ( .. read more

Mobile phones and cancer


'Have you heard that cell phones cause cancer, then they don’t, then they do? Confused enough yet? Let me break it down for you. Contrary to some claims, the new US government study by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) is hardly a shot in the dark or a one-off event. With this largest best-conducted animal study, we now have three diff.. read more

Alzheimers and EMR


Can electromagnetic radiation contribute to Alzheimer's Disease? That could well be the case, as researchers have found associations between Alzheimer's and exposure to both wireless radiation and fields from electrical sources. Professor Dariusz Leszczynski has suggested a mechanism that could explain how this can happen. You can read .. read more

Royal Canadian Mounted Policy and wireless worries


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, famed worldwide as “rescuers” and titans of justice, has been summoned by Capt. Jerry Flynn (ret.) to rescue Canada from radiation pollution. You can read more here. ( .. read more

Drunk on Wireless


“Drunk on Wireless: Public Health Consequences of Cell Phone and Wireless Technologies are Begging for Society’s Attention” at the Left Forum 2016 in New York City featured Camilla Rees, MBA of Electromagnetic, public health physician Dr. David Carpenter, Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at University at .. read more

Electrosmog and electromagnetic hypersensitivity


Dr Magda Havas presented a talk on Electrosmog and Electromagnetic hypersensitivity to the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) on 9 May. You can see her presentation here. ( .. read more

A reader's experience of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)


For me, the hardest things to deal with when I developed EHS (apart from the painful symptoms) was (1) not knowing what was going on, (2) what to do about it (3) where to go for help and (4) the enforced isolation. When I first developed EHS 25 years ago, I had no idea why sleeping in a certain place in the house made me feel so tired and c.. read more

Technology antidote


Want a break from digital stress and information overload? Here's an idea. Recently contestants participated in a competition in Korea that involved sitting in a park, not talking, eating, sleeping or using any electronic devices. The competition, launched by artists and sponsored by Seoul Council, provided an opportunity to tune o.. read more

Smart phone side effects


Do you suffer from headaches, fatigue, eye strain? Perhaps your smart phone is to blame. A British survey found that approximately one third of people suffer from 'technology hangover' after using digital technology for long periods of time. Heavy use was also associated with low self-esteem and sleep problems. You can read more her.. read more

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity


Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is an emerging health issue, says Dr Magda Havas from Trent University in Canada. Dr Havas is an Environmental Toxicologist who has been researching electrosmog extensively and you can hear her talk here. ( .. read more

WHO Environmental Health Criteria Update


Will the World Health Organisation's Environmental Health Criteria be updated soon? You can read what Prof Dariusz Lesczcynski learned at the BioEM2016 conference here. ( .. read more

Is radiation frying you?


Wireless radiation affects people, particularly children, babies and foetuses, said organisers of a forum on wireless radiation in New York recently. You can read more about it here. ( .. read more

Dr Jerry Phillips on Motorola's influence on research


Dr Jerry Phillips talks about how Motorola influenced his research on the effects of radiofrequency radiation. You can see the video here. ( .. read more

Telco gags politicians


A telecommunications company has asked politicians to sign a non-disclosure statement before revealing their plans for the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen in British Columbia, USA. You can read more about this here. ( .. read more

Fashion statement


Not receiving enough radiation? Check this out for size. Researchers at Ohio State University are developing fabrics that can be used to transmit or receive electromagnetic signals. Called e-textiles, the fabrics are embroidered with silver thread, the shape of the embroidered design determining the frequency. The plan is to use.. read more

Should mobile phones have warning labels?


Should authorities warn mobile phone users of the potential risk of radiation? The city of Berkeley in the US has become the first to successfully legislate for warning labels to accompany all mobile phones at point of sale. Should other cities follow suit? The Wall Street Journal discusses the issues here ( read more

Safe Technology


Some useful tips about safe technology in this music video, 'A little chat', here. ( .. read more

Parents' smart phone use affects kids


Parents' use of smart phones is affecting their children's readiness for school, say educators. Parents are so involved in their use of the technology that they are neglecting their kids and children are entering schools without basic skills in speech, social interaction and even toilet training. You can read more about this here. (.. read more

Phone tower down


An Irish mobile phone carrier has been ordered to remove a 45m phone tower in Dublin. The An Bord Pleanála made the decision, following resident objections to the tower, despite the importance of the site for coverage. You can see more details here. ( read more

Heavy mobile phone use and brain tumours


A man who used his mobile phone for 6 hours a day has died of a brain tumour, aged 44. Businessman Ian Phillips developed a tumour in the location where his mobile phone sat as he talked on his phone. 'My ear would be red when I left work at the end of the day. I didn't think what it was doing to my brain.' Phillips spent the last m.. read more

Telstra takes over cancer registry


Telecommunications giant, Telstra, has won its bid to take control over the new Australian National Cancer Screening Register (NCSR). This raises important questions about why a telecommunications company would want to do so and what it has to gain. You can read more about this story here. ( read more

Google Expeditions Pioneer Program


Scientists have called on Google to stop the rollout of the Google Expeditions Pioneer Program in schools, which involves children holding a smart phone close to their eyes. The scientists have demonstrated how the radiation is absorbed by the eyes and warn about the potential risks of use. You can read more and see the video here. (htt.. read more

Downbload your free news update


We invite you to download your free copy of the June issue of 'EMR and Health' here. ( This issue is packed with news and information. You can read about: the study by Professor Simon Chapman on mobile phones and brain tumours; scientist talk about a way that eve.. read more

Mobile phone industry influences science


Does the mobile phone industry influence the science on mobile phone safety? The answer is 'yes', according to the article 'Science for Sale?' In it, author Donna Chisholm identifies a number of scientists who have links with the telecommunications industry and who have strongly influenced public opinion, if not policy, on mobile phone .. read more

Mobile Facts


How much time do you spend on your smart phone each day? Several studies have found that people spend over three hours a day on their phones. See this and other amazing phone facts here. ( .. read more

Water pipes


It might look innocent enough - but your metal water pipe could be a source of high magnetic fields in your home. Metal water pipes often conduct current that generates a magnetic field - sometimes in places where you and your family spend time, such as behind or under beds or lounges. A customer measured a magnetic field of 189 milliGa.. read more

Phone-free freedom


Jenna Woginrich was a hard-core phone addict, checking her phone constantly, sleeping with it nearby, depending on it for her personal and work connections. They were an item. Then something changed. Jenna and her phone 'broke up'. You can read how she manages life without a cellphone now and why. You can read more here.. read more

Man reacts to electricity


A British grandfather develops rashes when he watches TV, uses the computer or turns on the central heating. 75-year-old Dan Reddington began reacting to the electromagnetic fields from electrical appliances about six months ago and it has changed his life. Reactions like these, sometimes called, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, affe.. read more

Malaysian wellness festival highlights EMR


A wellness festival, held at various locations in Malaysia, will highlight the risks of electromagnetic radiation. "When we are exposed to man-made EMF radiation which is unnatural and chaotic, our body absorbs and stores such energy fields, and this will weaken the human immune system and ultimate­ly lead to illnesses and diseases," said D.. read more

Magnetic fields, cancer & train drivers


Train drivers and other railway workers may be at greater risk of cancer due to the high magnetic fields they're exposed to at work, say scientists. Magnetic fields are present in the vicinity of electrical equipment such as power lines, wiring, appliances and electrical equipment, including trains. Lawyers suggest that precautions coul.. read more

Smart phones


Do you sleep with your smart phone? Here's why sleeping with your smart phone is not a good idea. () .. read more

EMR affects thyroid


Electromagnetic radiation affects the thyroid, says Dr Andrew Goldsworthy. The thyroid, adrenal glands and other glands of the endocrine system may be particularly sensitive to these artificial signals, he says in an article in 'Health Matters'. The results could be chronic fatigue and obesity - and a host of additional health problems. .. read more

Pediatricians warn about EMR risks


Pediatricians warned about the risks of exposing children to electromagnetic radiation at the Pediatric Academic Society's annual meeting in Baltimore in May. Dr Hugh Taylor said mobile phone exposure had caused ADHD-like symptoms in mice and Dr Martha Herbert pointed out a connection between EMR and autism-like effects. You can read mo.. read more

Cyprus advises precaution


The Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children's Health has released a short video with recommendations for reducing exposure to electromagnetic radiation. You can see the video, with English subtitles, here. ( .. read more



Can't find your keys? Wave your hand over the lock instead. People in the Twin Cities, USA, are implanting microchips into their bodies that can perform functions like unlocking their doors, their phones and their computers. You can see the program here. ( .. read more

Electrohypersensitive girl's death


Jenny Fry was a 15-year-old girl with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, whose school was less than supportive. Unable to cope with the challenges of her condition, Jenny committed suicide - her body found by her mother, Debra. Debra Fry, shares the story about the lead-up to Jenny's tragic death here (). ( read more

Wireless radiation, children and safety


Thanks so much to all those who participated in last night's talk 'Wireless radiation, children and safety'. Especial thanks go to Kelly Abeleven, organiser of the event; Arete Organics () for the wonderful food they provided; Heaven on Earth Holistic Therapies (), for providing the wonderful venue in Cronulla; and, of c.. read more

Do your children use wireless devices? How safe are they?


Do your children use wireless devices? How safe are they? Let us help you find out. Join us for this special presentation 'Wireless radiation, children and safety' by author, educator and Director of EMR Australia, Lyn McLean. At this event you will discover how to reduce exposure to EMR, safer ways to use mobile and wireless techn.. read more



How much wireless radiation is your family exposed to? How safe are they? Don't miss out on our special presentation 'Wireless radiation, children and safety' by author, educator and Director of EMR Australia, Lyn McLean. Find out how what every parent needs to know to keep your family EMR safe. And bring along a wireless device from .. read more



This month marks an important anniversary: EMR Australia, established in April 2004, is now 12 years old. .. read more

WiFi and Children


How does wireless radiation affect children? For some decades adults have been reporting unpleasant symptoms from wireless radiation, but little has been heard about the effects on children. Parents in the US have recorded the effects of wireless radiation on their children and you can read their stories here. (http://www.parentsforsafe.. read more

EMR Action Day


Tomorrow is EMR Action Day throughout the world. The Action Day project has been developed by a group of international educators, scientists and activists. They say, 'We have come together to inform the world about the increasing sources of unnatural EMR and how this cumulative radiation is affecting people, animals, birds, insects incl.. read more

Professor Dariusz Leszczynski in Australia


You can see Professor Leszczynski's presentation at Monash University on 9 December HERE ( You can see his presentation at Melbourne University on 11 December HERE ( read more

Dr Devra Davis in Australia


You can see Dr Davis's Dean's lecture, presented by the School of Engineering, University of Melbourne on Monday 30th November in Melbourne here. ( See the Sydney Morning Herald article about Dr Davis HERE ( read more

Legal Seminar, Sydney and Other Links


Here are some links to some very important events. In October and November the Law Faculty of the University of NSW arranged three events about wireless devices for different audiences: one was for lawyers; one for a general audience (which included local and visiting neurosurgeons); and one for research engineers. There is a link to each b.. read more

Interested in taking part in a documentary?


Sarah Newman is working on the documentary- GENERATION ZAPPED! ( - which investigates the growing body of research suggesting that wireless technology can pose serious health risks – from headaches to infertility to cancer. The film is almost complete, however Sara is seeking a few video testimonials from the follo.. read more

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