EMR Australia is dedicated to creating EMR-safe living and working environments, offering a unique blend of technical expertise, knowledge about the effects of electromagnetic radiation and concern for people's welfare.

We Pride Ourselves On:

  • Quality equipment and products;
  • Expert service we are able to offer;
  • 18 years of monitoring scientific literature on EMR;
  • 18 years of close interaction with people experiencing EMR-related problems, including electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS);
  • Extensive experience in teaching and training that allows us to present complex technical information in a concise and easy-to-understand way;
  • Voluntary contribution to community welfare relating to EMR, including providing community representation on various committees;
  • Total independence from government and industry

Project Teams

EMR Australia’s projects are developed by teams comprised of people with expertise in relevant areas. These include educators, planning consultants, lawyers, environmentalists and electrical engineers.


EMR Australia is committed to providing the best products and services to meet the needs of our clients. Our goal is to educate and assist people and organisations achieve an EMR-safe living and working environment.

Meet the Team

Lyn McLean, Director

Lyn is an educator and trainer, with degrees in humanity and education, and over nineteen years of experience working with EMR. Lyn works with experts in this field to bring you the best information and services on EMR.

  • Producer of quarterly publication on EMR, currently 'EMR and Health' for 19 years;
  • Executive Office of the EMR Association of Australia and Secretary of its forerunner, the EMR Alliance for nine years;
  • Deputy Chair, on the ACIF Committee that developed the Code for the Deployment of Radiocommunications Infrastructure - and is Deputy-Chair of the Communications Alliance committee that revised this Code in 2010-2011;
  • Member of Department of Health’s EME Reference Group, hosted by ARPANSA for over 15 years;
  • Member of the local government committee that developed the Model Telecommunications and Radiocommunications DCP;
  • Member of the Consultative Group for the development of the Australian Standard for ELF 2004-2011;
  • Qualified trainer and educator;
  • Presenter on EMR to conferences, Senate Inquiries, committees and numerous public meetings;
  • Written extensively on EMR for newsletters and magazines and given media interviews;
  • Author of 'The Force - living safely in a world of electromagnetic pollution' published by Scribe, 2011;
  • Author of the children's book, 'Wireless-wise Kids - safer ways to use mobile and wireless technology', illustrated in full colour by Australian artist, Janet Selby.

Dr Malka Halgamuge, PhD, Electrical Engineering

Melbourne-based Malka is a respected and experienced expert in the field of electrical engineering who has an interest in the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation. She provides assessments of electromagnetic exposures for households and businesses.

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering
  • University lecturer in electrical engineering
  • Author of numerous scientific papers
  • Member of various professional engineering societies

Customer Feedback

'I am very, very grateful for your amazing patience in working through all of my concerns, queries, odd circumstances and, above all, for helping to calm my anxiety. You have shown exceptional customer care, seldom seen these days.' By D.R.

'Just wanted to also take this opportunity to thank you for your your time earlier today. I am so grateful to have access to someone as informed as yourself, your wisdom and passion is a blessing... My life and my son's life are better for it and will continue to be - all because of you!!!' By L.W.

'Outstanding service, support and education on practical solutions to EMR, WIFI and dirty electricity. The meters were invaluable as they showed me the energy drain which I felt but could not pinpoint or see. No more wifi in the office, no more dirty electricity in the house. I enjoy spending time in my office now as I can work at my computer for hours without being fried, tired and restless. Thank you, Lyn!'  By T.S.

'I think Lyn is very committed to EMR and I thank her so much for caring about a minority group of people with this chronic disease.' By J.G.

'Was a pleasure dealing with you.' By S.P. 

'I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work and dedication you give towards researching Electromagnetic Radiation and informing the public about the dangers and how to protect themselves.' By K.T.



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