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EMR Australia offers Australian residents the option to hire various meters. The following terms and conditions apply to meter hire:

Hire period is for seven days from the date on which the equipment is received. It is deemed to be received when it reaches the address or post office box of the hirer. EMR Australia PL inspects equipment for condition before sending it to the hirer and packages it carefully for transportation by post.

The hirer agrees to take good care of the equipment during the hire period and not to allow the equipment to be used by anyone outside his or her immediate family. The hirer agrees to return the equipment on or before the required date or to pay the necessary late fee. Late fees are calculated at $10 a day for one meter; $20 a day for 2 meters and $25 a day for 3 meters. These fees may be billed directly to the hirer’s credit card. If the hirer fails to return the meter(s) within one month, he or she will be charged for the full cost of the meter(s) and a $20 administration fee.

The hirer agrees to return the equipment to EMR Australia PL in good condition. If equipment is returned in a damaged state, EMR Australia PL has the right to charge the hirer for the replacement cost of the equipment. The hirer further agrees to return the meters carefully packaged for transportation by the postage method indicated in the kit. Should the hired equipment hired require repair during the hire period, the hirer agrees to contact EMR Australia PL and not to undertake any repairs him- or herself. EMR Australia PL will organise the repair or replacement of the equipment.

The hirer may return DE2 filters included in the deTekta hire package if they are in as-new condition, suitable for resale. If the DE2 filters or their packaging are damaged in any way, the hirer agrees to pay the purchase price for the filter(s).

EMR Australia PL’s meters may have some degree of inaccuracy and are intended to provide guidance of exposure levels. They are not to be used for medical, legal, certification or similar purposes.

The hirer accepts complete responsibility for any injury or loss resulting from the use of the equipment and agrees to indemnity EMR Australia against all claims relating to such injury or loss.

  • Acousticom 2

    Acousticom 2



    Ships to


    CKE : P-DFJI5

    Dimensions: 22 cm x 16 cm x 7.7 cm

    Weight: 300 grams

    Shipping: Express Post/Signature on Delivery. Postage calculated at checkout based on your postcode.

    The Acousticom 2 is a small, handy and economical meter for measuring wireless (radio frequency) radiation from mobile phone base stations, NBN towers, modems, baby monitors, tablets, WiFi, cordless phones and other wireless devices.

    It detects signals in the frequencies used by most communications systems (200MHz to 8GHz). This covers the 600 – 900 MHz, 2.6 GHz and 3.5 GHz 5G / LTE bands.

    It measures the total wireless exposure in any location in volts per metre (V/m). It can be used to identify ‘hot spots’ to be avoided or shielded and ‘safe’ zones for beds or workstations.

    The Acousticom 2 is the ideal instrument for people interested in monitoring smart meters and other modern devices that emit very short bursts of RF. The Acousticom 2 takes approximately 500 readings a second and hold the value long enough to see on the LED display. Many RF meters cannot easily measure the levels of these signals. It is sensitive to 0.01 V/m.

    When measuring, we advise turning the meter to obtain the highest measurement. This is because the internal antenna is at the upper half of the case and at the back. Signals are best measured when the source is behind the instrument, but also quite good with the source to one or other side.

    When you purchase this meter, you also receive a copy of 'Wireless-wise Families' by Lyn McLean, which has everything you need to know about making your home and family safe from wireless radiation.


    Support material

    The Acousticom 2 comes with a booklet unique to EMR Australia which explains, in simple terms, what you need to know about measuring radio frequency radiation. It contains easy-to-understand instructions, including:
    • detailed directions about how, when and where to measure for optimum results
    • charts for easy recording of your fields
    • handy safety tips
    • information about ‘safe’ levels of exposure
    • instructions for reducing exposure from common sources.

    Does the Acousticom2 measure 5G radiation?

    The Acousticom 2 measures from 200 MHz to 8 GHz, including the 3.5 and 3.6 GHz band currently being rolled out for 5G.

    In the future, some 5G networks will operate at higher frequencies, such as 25-28 GHz. We will have an additional meter for measuring these high fields, but it will not replace the Acousticom 2, as both meters will be needed.

    Technical specifications

    • A line of coloured LEDS displaying Peak exposure levels in V/m
    • Measurement range: 200 - 8 000 MHz ±6 dB (typical accuracy)
    • Sensitivity (Peak Display): 0.01 - 6.00 volts per metre (V/m) 0.01 0.02 0.05 0.1 0.3 1.0 3.0 6.0 V/m; (equivalent to 0.5 to 100,000 peak µW/m2)
    • Some intermediate points when two LEDs are both lit are also defined: 0.2 0.6 2.0 4.5 V/m
    • The speaker may be switched on and off
    • An alarm sounder at higher exposure levels (may be disabled)
    • Power source: 1x PP3/MN1604 9 volt Alkaline or Rechargeable
    • Power draw: 40 to 90 mA (depends on the sound volume)
    • Battery life: Up to 10 hours continuous with normal alkaline battery » Low battery indicator light (the green 'on' light turns red)
    • Guarantee: 2 year guarantee;  if, after 2 years, the meter appears to be malfunctioning, the manufacturer has agreed to check it free of charge and repair where possible, as long as the owner pays the 2-way postage.

    Customer reviews

    Here's what customers have said about Acousticom 2 meter

    “I became sensitive to wireless radiation this year. My symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, headaches, nausea and brain fog. I hired an Acoustimeter from EMR Australia and to my shock; I found significant levels of electrosmog almost everywhere. Like most EHS individuals, I find it difficult to identify unsafe areas before it's too late. So I bought an Acousticom 2 from EMR Australia so I could choose the best places to exercise, eat, shop, work and relax without bringing on significant symptoms. I'm very pleased with this meter and I take it wherever I go.” By Heather.

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