Model campaigns against phone tower
EMR Australia, Thursday, June 08, 2000

Could protesting against mobile phone towers be the latest fashion trend? Supermodel Jerry Hall recently lent her support to a campaign to oppose the erection of a tower just metres from a primary school near her home in Richmond Hill, London. Jerry has long been concerned about the health risk of radiofrequency radiation and has banned her four children from using mobile phones. Her concerns were amplified when her sister, who developed cancer, was advised by specialists to keep away fr  read more

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Mobile phones and workers
EMR Australia, Tuesday, June 06, 2000

Employees and unions take action to protect workers. While there is still no definitive - or, perhaps, accepted “proof” - that mobile phones cause health problems, there is strong evidence that this is the case. The radiation they emit has been associated with brain tumours, learning problems, headaches, fatigue, memory problems and a host of other symptoms experienced by users. At the same time, studies on cells and animals have found that exposure results in changes to size, shape and grow  read more

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Mobile phones affect hormones
EMR Australia, Saturday, June 03, 2000

Sydney research shows that using a mobile phone for just a few minutes produced significant impacts on the endocrine system. Thyroid, pancreas, ovaries, testes and hormonal balance were all affected in a study of 30 volunteers asked to use a mobile phone for just ten minutes! The study was commissioned by the manufacturers of a stick-on device claimed to be protective against mobile phone radiation. It investigated the effects of using a mobile phone with and without the device, on volun  read more

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Microwaving food
EMR Australia, Thursday, June 01, 2000

Do the toxic particles contained in plastic wrap migrate into food being cooked in a microwave oven? Eighteen year old student Claire Nelson examined this question for a high school project. She covered virgin olive oil with four types of plastic wrap and microwaved each combination. Nelson found that suspected carcinogen di(ethylhexyl) adequate (or DEHA) seeped into the food, contaminating it at 200 to 500 parts per million (compared to the US standard of 0.05 parts per billion).   read more

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Stricter radiation standards in Switzerland
EMR Australia, Friday, March 10, 2000

The Swiss government has introduced new legislation to protect people from non-ionising radiation from powerline and radiofrequency sources and its limits are among the strictest in the world. Introduced on February 1, the legislation applies in all sensitive areas, such as residences, schools, hospitals and playgrounds. Outside these areas, exposure limits based on the ICNIRP Guidelines apply. The legislation requires mobile phone towers operating at 900 MHz to limit their emissions to 4 mi  read more

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RF standards: East vs West
EMR Australia, Wednesday, March 08, 2000

In this article, Don Maisch explores the different approach to setting standards to protect against radiofrequency radiation. Russian and other Eastern European countries' exposure limits for radio frequency and microwave (RF/MW) radiation have been far stricter than those in either U.S. or Western Europe for over 30 years, mainly due to a fundamental difference between East and West as to exactly what exposure standards should provide protection against. With the previous "cold war" bet  read more

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Radiation exposure in Australia - what you need to know
EMR Australia, Monday, March 06, 2000

The long-foreshadowed Senate Inquiry into EMR begins on March 31. This is an opportunity for the community to provide input about issues of concern, which can be forwarded by mail. Here are some facts about the situation in Australia. $4.5 million research funding This money was allocated in late 1996 for a 5-year research/public education program. Only a fraction has been spent on 4 preliminary research studies. Some of the money was spent on an expensive exercise - the DOCA roadsh  read more

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Not just skin deep
EMR Australia, Monday, March 06, 2000

Swedish researcher Olle Johansson has found that EMR affects the skin Since the late 1970s there have been numerous complaints that VDT use has resulted in workers developing severe skin problems known as screen dermatitis. Symptoms include pain, itching, heat, erythema, papules and pustules. In Sweden the problem has reached such dimensions that The Association of the Electrically and VDT Injured (FEB) had 1800 paying members by 1995. More recently the Swedish Union of Clerical and Technica  read more

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