Electromagnetic Radiation Solutions

EMR Australia can help you find effective and measurable solutions for the exposures caused by modern technologies.

Today’s communities are liberally sprinkled with radiating- technologies: powerlines and appliances, mobile and cordless phones, telecommunications and NBN towers, WiFi and smart meters. All of these technologies emit electromagnetic fields or radiation which impacts on people nearby.

You can hear Lyn McLean talk about wireless radiation here:

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  • radio interview on electromagnetic hypersensitivity for the 2016 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium, with Lucinda Curran here.
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We can help you find the right solution for the relevant technology. Our solutions can be demonstrated to work because they produce measurable reductions in exposure. Our products have been thoroughly tested and laboratory reports are available. 

You can be confident that they work.

We do not rely on gimmicks or products claimed to harmonise radiation, where effectiveness cannot be demonstrated in ways consistent with current scientific knowledge.

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