The Safe Workplace

EMR Australia can provide assistance to create a safer working environment. The workplace is increasingly a source of electromagnetic fields that can potentially impact on workers. Common sources of exposure in the work environment are:

  • external powerlines
  • substations, electrical cables and data centres
  • mobile and cordless phones
  • WiFi networks
  • mobile phone base stations
  • electrical and electronic equipment
  • RFID equipment

Why create an EMR-safe work environment?

Business owners have a responsibility to create a safe working environment for employees, customers and the public. Doing so helps retain staff, maximise productivity and reduce legal liability.

Did you know that your staff may be using mobile phones and other wireless devices in way that expose them to more radiation than allowed by the ARPANSA RPS 3 standard? This is because the testing is conducted with these devices held slightly away from the body.

Further, it is no longer the case that compliance with the ARPANSA RPS3 standard protects employers against compensation claims resulting from EMR exposure following the legal judgment below.

On 28 February 2013, The Administrative Appeals Tribunal of Australia determined ‘Comcare is liable to pay to Dr McDonald compensation in accordance with the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (Cth) in respect of an injury, being an aggravation of a condition of nausea, disorientation and headaches’. These symptoms occurred after Dr McDonald was exposed to electromagnetic radiation at work – at levels that were significantly lower than the limits of the ARPANSA standard and typical of many work environments. [McDonald and Comcare [2013] AATA 105 (28 February 2013)

How we can help you

Do you know what exposures are present in your workplace?

  • Employers, we can help you identify exposure levels in your business with our EMR testing service in which we quantify fields from equipment, workstations and other locations where you and your staff spend time.

    A highly qualified consultant, who is a PhD in electrical engineering, can visit your workplace to measure these fields, compare them with Australian limits and make recommendations for reducing exposure where appropriate. Talk to us about your requirements and we will be happy to help you.

  • If you’re a worker, you may like to hire our Home Test Kit to measure your exposure at your workstation.

Do you have a policy for minimising workplace exposure?

EMR Australia can help you develop an EMR policy for your business.

Do you require your employees to use mobile phones for their work?

You can protect them from the radiofrequency radiation mobile phones emit by providing or encouraging the use of:

Do you use WiFi at work?

All WiFi routers and wireless-enabled devices emit radiofrequency radiation.

  • We can help you identify what exposures your staff are receiving from these devices and ways of reducing this exposure with our EMR testing service.
  • We can help you develop policies or provide training on safer use of wireless devices.

Is your workplace located close to a mobile phone base station or NBN tower?

Many commercial buildings, especially in the CBD, are located in close proximity to antennas from mobile phone base stations or NBN transmitters.

Are you looking for a new location for your business?

We suggest you measure the fields in the building or building block before committing to a lease or purchase. It’s particularly important to test for fields from overhead and underground powerlines because these are not easily shielded, unlike fields from wireless sources.

  • You can use our EMR testing service to measure fields at the new premises for you and we’ll provide you with a written report.
  • You can hire our EMF magnetic field meter (gaussmeter) to conduct measurements yourself.

Do any employees report health problems or symptoms (headaches, fatigue, stress, skin problems, memory or concentration problems, pain, digestive problems, depression, irritability, anxiety)?

There is evidence linking EMR exposure to some health problems and a wide range of symptoms like these. Addressing concerns of this nature may not only help improve the way the employee feels, but can minimise the employer’s legal liability.

  • Employers, you can use our EMR testing service to measure the fields that the worker is routinely exposed to and make recommendations for reducing exposure.
  • Employees with problems such as these may find our shielding clothing beneficial for reducing exposure at work.

Would you like to prevent electromagnetic interference?

Interference caused by radiofrequency radiation can be prevented with our shielding products, including shielding paint, curtain fabric and window film.

Do any employees wear implanted electronic devices?

Some devices have been shown to be vulnerable to external electromagnetic fields.

  • You can use our EMR testing service to measure the fields to which these employees are typically exposed at work to identify methods for reducing exposure or areas to be avoided by workers with implants.

Would you like your staff to know how to keep EMR-safe?

Talk to us about a training program for managers or staff. If you haven't found the information you require for your workplace here, we invite you to contact us to see how we can assist you.

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