The Safe Home

EMR Australia offers affordable help to create an EMR-safe home that will support your family's health and wellbeing. No matter where you live, you will be exposed to electromagnetic radiation in some form or other. We can help you with exposure from:

  • powerlines
  • smart meters
  • meter boxes
  • computers
  • conductive water pipes
  • microwave ovens
  • mobile phones
  • cordless phones
  • phone towers
  • appliances
  • baby monitors
  • devices in your neighbours' homes

How we can help you

EMR Australia offers solutions that make a measurable difference to your exposure.

Would you like to create an EMR-safe home?

Find out what fields are present in your home and where they are coming from economically with our Home Test Kits.

Buying a new home?

Make sure you test for fields from overhead and underground powerlines. Testing is important because these fields cannot be shielded once you’ve bought the home, whereas fields from wireless sources can.

Living near a mobile phone base station or NBN tower?

Distance from one of these towers is not always a predictor of exposure (which depends on the orientation of the antennas and the power of the transmissions, as well as distance).

  • Measure your family’s exposure in your home with your own wireless devices turned OFF to give you information about whether shielding external sources would be helpful to you or not. You can use our Home Test Kit for this.
  • You can block the radiation from entering your home with our shielding paints, window fabrics, canopies and window film.

Does someone in your family use a mobile phone?

Do you have a meter box on a bedroom wall?

If it’s an analogue meter (ie not a smart meter) it’s emitting power-frequency magnetic fields that travel through the wall and into the room behind it. These fields are generally quite strong directly behind the meter box and drop off rapidly with distance.

  • Measure the field at the closest bed to ensure that it’s not being affected by the field from the meter box and move the bed if necessary, using our EMF magnetic field meter/gaussmeter.

If it’s a smart meter, see below.

Do you have a smart meter?

Smart meters emit two fields: a power-frequency magnetic field and a wireless/radiofrequency field.

  • If the smart meter is on the wall of a bedroom, measure the magnetic field at the closest bed to make sure it’s not being impacted. If it is, the most economical solution is to move the bed further away from the meter box, checking there are no problem magnetic fields in the new location. You can do this with our EMF magnetic field meter/gaussmeter.
  • You can block the wireless/radiofrequency radiation from a smart meter on the inside wall from the smart meter with our shielding paint or fabrics.

Do you have solar panels?

Solar inverters often produce high levels of Dirty Electricity (DE) which travel through household wiring.

Do you have a ground-level transformer box on your street?

These transformers are usually located in streets with underground power lines.

Do you have copper water pipes?

Copper water pipes often conduct power-frequency magnetic fields into a property and can elevate magnetic field levels throughout the home.

  • Measure the magnetic field of your copper water pipe at the water meter with our EMF magnetic field meter/gaussmeter and follow the instructions for rectifying this problem in the handbook that accompanies it.

Do you have WiFi, cordless phone or other wireless devices?

  • Measure the radiation from these devices with our Home Test Kit to find out how to use these devices more safely.

Do you experience health problems or symptoms (headaches, fatigue, stress, skin problems, memory or concentration problems, pain, digestive problems, depression, irritability, anxiety)?

There is evidence linking some health problems and a wide range of symptoms like these to exposure. We’ve found that people who reduce their exposure often report improvements in the way they feel.

  • Measure your exposure at home and work with our Home Test Kit.  
  • Talk to us about how to reduce your exposure.
  • Consider wearing our shielding clothing when you visit locations with WiFi or mobile phone radiation.

Do your children use wireless devices?

  • Make sure they read ‘Wireless-wise Kids’ to see how to use this technology more safely.

Would you like to know more about Wireless radiation and EMR?

  • Find out everything you need to know about EMR and how to protect yourself and your family in ‘The Force’.
  • Find out everything you need to know about protecting your family from wireless radiation in 'Wireless-wise Families'.

Would you like a product that protects your body or your home from all sources of EMR?

Beware products that claim to do this because it’s simply not possible for one product to protect against exposures to different frequencies from different sources in ways that can be scientifically demonstrated to work.

Many products on the market claim to protect by ‘harmonising’ radiation. They do not do this in ways that can be measured so there is no way to scientifically demonstrate whether or not they work and measurements generally show no reduction in exposure whatsoever. If you use products such as these, you are taking the risk of having no protection at all. We recommend only using products that can be demonstrated to work.

Questions people ask:

Is it expensive to reduce our exposure?

Not necessarily. Our focus at EMR Australia is to help people by reducing their exposure to EMR - not to sell expensive products that are claimed to do so. Sometimes reducing exposure is as simple as moving an appliance or a bed - which costs nothing at all. To protect yourself, the first thing you need to know is what you're exposed to.

What will I have to give up?

Reducing exposure to EMR doesn't necessarily mean you have to give up using technology that you might use and enjoy. We can show you how to use technology more safely.

Won't it be hard to make changes?

Even one small change can make a difference to how you sleep, your mood or your health. We don't expect you to change your lifestyle over night! Choose one thing you can do to be more EMR-safe this week and start the ball rolling.

If you haven't found what you're looking for here, we invite you to contact us to see how we can assist you.



'My family and I are ecstatic for finding EMR Australia, and we just want to thank you for the quality products and research material you've provided. We all look forward to using the meters, BlocSocks and reading The Force!' by T.G.




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