EMR Safety and Health

The potential for electromagnetic radiation to cause harm has not only been identified in thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies, but also by insurers, courts, groups of scientists and medical practitioners and by many international authorities.

We can show you how to identify your exposure and reduce its potential risks to create a safer home, workplace and community.

We can help families create safer living environments which can have positive impacts on wellbeing, sleep and performance. We believe it’s particularly important to consider children’s EMR exposure because today’s children are the first to be exposed from before birth and, potentially, for their entire lifetimes.

We can help employers create EMR-safer working environments, meet their responsibilities under workplace safety legislation and take steps to help minimise the risks of future litigation.

We can show councils how to plan for EMR-safer communities and we can help manufacturers design EMR-safer products.

Many people who’ve reduced their exposure to EMR have reported improvements in health and wellbeing.


Customer feedback


"Hi Lyn - just want to say thank you for the great site and information. I stumbled across it yesterday and am just SO glad I did. Being Australian based is even better!"By Anne

"(I am) very grateful for your excellent website/book and alerts/information." By S.E.

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