Business solutions

EMR Australia offers a number of professional services to businesses.

Policy development

Does your business, school or organisation have a policy on IT deployment and use?

EMR Australia can work with you to help you develop or extend your IT policy so that it better meets your workplace safety obligations.

Staff training

Does your workplace require staff to use mobile or wireless devices?

Let us show them how to use these devices more safely.

Our professional trainers can provide a training program, suitable for management or staff, that will expand their awareness, help them to use communications equipment more safely and minimise loss of productivity in the workplace.

Professional testing service

EMR Australia offers professional testing services for your project, business or development site to determine compliance with relevant standards and guidelines and satisfy council requirements for development applications.   

Some of the testing projects EMR Australia has undertaken include measurement of electromagnetic fields from:

  • proposed childcare centres;
  • development sites near high voltage power lines and substations;
  • workstations in buildings near mobile phone antennas and substations;
  • on a vessel with transmitting equipment aboard;
  • radiotransmitters carried by council staff;
  • electrical equipment in schools;
  • industrial welding equipment;
  • workstations near tram lines;
  • offices with underfloor high voltage cables;
  • band from on-road sensors.


Dr Malka Halgamuge is a respected and experienced expert in the field of electrical engineering who has an interest in the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation. She provides assessments and reports of electromagnetic exposures for households and businesses throughout Australia.

  • She is a Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering;
  • A university lecturer in electrical engineering;
  • Author of numerous scientific papers;
  • A member of various professional engineering societies;
  • Highly experienced in measuring electromagnetic fields. 

We invite you to contact us to see how we can be of assistance to you. 

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