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Mobile phone shield

The BlocSock

The BlocSock is a convenient way of reducing the amount of radiation you absorb from your mobile phone when you are using it against your head or carrying it against your body.

This helps protect you from the health problems that are linked with mobile phone radiation.

The BlocSock contains two pockets lined with specialised shielding fabrics that prevent the radiation from passing through the pouch into your head or body.

There is a main central pouch and an external ‘kangaroo’ pouch that you can use when making calls. When you place your phone this outer pocket, using the elastic to hold it in place, the radiation from the phone is able to connect to a phone tower, but does not penetrate your head or body. 

The BlocSock has been shown to reduce SAR levels (this is the amount of radiation absorbed by the body) by 96%. You can read a full (2 megabyte) report with details

BlocSock Full Report BlocSock Full Report (1904 KB)

or a short report on SAR levels

BlocSock Short Report BlocSock Short Report (55 KB)

The BlocSock features:
  • Swiss-shield WEAR fabric for far-field shielding Innovative near-field-shielding fabric Proven 96% reduction of SAR value
  • Iphone size: suits iPhone and Blackberry phones - available in Black and Burgundy - 8 cm wide x 14 cm long when measured flat.
  • Slimline size: suits smaller phones (6 cm wide and x 14cm long when measured flat) - available in Black.
  • Care: spot clean with mild detergent.

'I have used a Blocsock for my Samsung Galaxy SIII for a couple of years and love it. I carry my phone in my front left pants pocket. My left thigh used to hurt at night. After using the Blocsock for a few days, the pain stopped.' J.S.

Echo Sound Acoustic Tube Technology

The Tubez is an airtube headset for mobile phones that reduces exposure to the head by up to 98%.

The hollow airtubes carry sound from your phone or wireless devices to your ear so that you can use these devices while holding them at a distance from your head. This prevents radiofrequency radiation emitted by these devices from entering your head and protects against brain tumours and other harmful effects that have been identified from mobile phone use.

The airtubes are safer than wired headsets because there are no metal wires to conduct a field. 

The Tubez has a built in microphone and mute button for hands-free use. It’s suitable for use with most devices that use a 3.5 mm jack – including mobile phones, iPads, computers and Mp3 players. It can be used with a wide range of mobile phones

The Tubez has been scientifically tested for effectiveness and reducing radiation exposure and you can download a copy of the EMI Test report here.

You can see a video about how the Tubez works here
The Tubez is available in black. Check phone compatibility here


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Tubez air tube headsets

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