What will the WHO say?


Professor Dariusz Lezczynski says there is an 'emerging possibility for a meticulous, impartial review of the EMF science at the WHO.

Over the recent years, there were numerous complaints about the reliance of the WHO EMF Project solely on the opinions of the ICNIRP. In fact, the WHO EMF Project could be considered as “front” for the opinions of ICNIRP.

It seems the World Health Organization has taken a notice of the complaints and took some action.

WHO EMF Project is preparing a very important document – the Environmental Health Criteria for the RF-EMF (EHC RF-EMF). This document will evaluate all scientific evidence concerning biological and health effects of RF-EMF emitted by all types of the wireless communication devices, including cell phones, cell towers and wi-fi routers…'

You can read more about this important document and what Professor Lezczynski has to say here.


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