Science and Wireless 2016


The Head to the Hills team attended this week's Science and Wireless presentation and this is their view of the event.

"Science and Wireless 2016" - my thoughts -Or... "And you wonder why is the public losing faith in science?"

'On November 22nd, the Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research (ACEBR) held the 10th annual "Science and Wireless" meeting. 4 papers were presented. Papers 1 (Keynote: "Transcranial Electromagnetic Treatment (TEMT) against Alzheimer's Disease: Pre-Clinical Efficacy and Clinical Trial in Progress", Dr Gary W Arendash) and 2 ("ACEBR research on RF effects on Alzheimer's disease", Prof John Finnie) were reviewing exciting new developments in using 900MHz RF-EMF to treat Alzheimer's Disease.'

You can read more here.



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