Political party's enlightened EMR policy


The Health Australia Party has a policy on electromagnetic radiation that would reduce public exposure, increase scientific knowledge about exposure and increase public awareness about emissions from wireless devices.

It says:

The HAP supports the following initiatives which are needed due to the changing electromagnetic environment in which we live.

(a) The establishment of a national Agency dedicated to researching the situation about electro-smog, particularly EMR emissions from electrical and wireless devices that are potentially damaging or harmful to humans. That national agency, whilst based in Canberra, should have State branches in each of the major cities in Australia. The Canberra office would act as a clearing house or headquarters, but the real work to be done at the city or state level in the State branches.

(b) The Agency would employ and communicate with scientists from different disciplines (physics, electromagnetics, medicine etc.), but also permit input from interested lay persons to ensure its purpose could not be "hijacked" by scientists who wished to maintain the status quo. The agency would ensure relevant information about EMR was made available to the public to encourage public awareness and discussion of the problem.

(c) One task of the Agency would be to investigate and discuss claims made by the estimated 3 - 5% of the population who say they are electromagnetic hypersensitive (EHS), or react negatively to EMR emissions from such wireless device sources as mobile phones, smart meters, Wi-fi, mobile phone towers, NBN towers, etc.

(d) The Agency would investigate a "labelling scheme" to be used on each electrical device - particularly wireless devices - that are manufactured in or imported into Australia. The EMR output of each device would be measured and labelled to permit those who consider themselves EHS to determine what their EMR exposure might be if they use the device.

You can read more about the party's policies here.


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