Petition: Stop Mobile Towers Staining our World Heritage Landscapes: Wollumbin (Mt Warning), Border


The petition states:

Our World heritage region between the majestic Wollumbin (Mt warning) the Border Ranges and across to the Nightcap & McPherson range, spreads also out over the Queensland border into the lamington ranges and way back across to Byron Bay and more.

“These rainforests hold half of Australia’s plant species” (National Geographic).
These regions have existing ongoing cultural and ceremonial significant heritage for the Bundjalung Nation.

Many of these mobile phone towers are being placed in environmentally sensitive areas within the caldera of these magnificent places, imposing on the corridors that connect and enable wildlife that seek out food, breeding migration and pollination between these places which are of complex and ancient biodiversity.

We want to stop these massive towers going up. They are staining the very integrity of these landscapes.

You can see more and sign the petition here.


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