Participate on a survey/study on electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)


Message from The People's Initiative:

'We are very happy to announce we have a new study underway from the same team that recently decimated the myth that EHS is a psychological problem by producing the ground breaking study showing EHS in pictures on an fMRI, finally making the invisible - wireless radiations affect on the brain - visible as seen below! This is allegedly what our government uses to look at effects on the brain and/or EHS from microwave targeting, such as with the American Embassy employees in Cuba, only they don't tell the public this is a way to see if your brain has been damaged by wireless



radiation. Exposure to wireless devices and infrastructure is believed to have been the cause of the EHS in the cases.

If you are EHS we hope you will participate in our new study. It's not an fMRI, it is only a questionnaire so we hope you will participate. If you know someone who is too EHS to use a computer please print it out and mail it to them. Please do pass this questionnaire on to any EHS you might know of. 

There is verbiage before the questionnaire that we would like you to read. Because this email platform has very limited functionality, we had to format both the verbiage before the questionnaire (what was supposed to be a cover sheet) and the questions themselves (there was supposed to have been sub lists beneath some of the qs) differently than we had planned. Despite this set back we were able to fit our verbiage and questionnaire into their templates - albeit not as originally written.  

You can find the questionnaire here.







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