Lawyers seek those with mobile phone -related health problems.


A US law firm is seeking people who have been damaged by mobile phone radiation to take part in legal action.

'For more than 60 years our firm has stood up for victims of all kinds of personal injuries and the families of wrongful death victims. Today we have dedicated a practice to focus on a helping a specific kind of victim – those who may have contracted cancer or any other health issues that may be linked to cell phone use.

Our firm has developed a strong reputation for helping everyday people living with the consequences of another party’s negligence. Our goal is to fight for justice on their behalf and pursue the fullest appropriate compensation for the injuries of each client we take on.

The trial attorneys of are a part of one of the nation’s top ranked law firms – Frasier, Frasier, & Hickman, LLP in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With our decades of experience and personal-injury focus, each of our lawyers has developed the wherewithal to take on formidable legal challenges and negotiate favorable solutions for our clients.

With the strength of our winning history and a kind of proficiency that only comes with experience, put our team to work on your behalf. Enlisting the advocacy of our cell phone cancer attorneys brings with it our capable staff of paralegals, investigators, and other legal professionals. Each member of our team is prepared to undertake aggressive litigation to protect the rights of our clients and pursue full and appropriate compensation.'

You can read the details here.



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