Interested in taking part in a documentary?


Sarah Newman is working on the documentary- GENERATION ZAPPED! ( - which investigates the growing body of research suggesting that wireless technology can pose serious health risks – from headaches to infertility to cancer.

The film is almost complete, however Sara is seeking a few video testimonials from the following individuals:

  • Adults who suffer from EHS 
  • Families with children who suffer from EHS 
  • Families with children on the Spectrum who think that EMF exposure has caused or exacerbated symptoms. 
  • Women with breast cancer that may be linked to cell phone radiation. 
  • Men / Women who have or had any type of cancer that they have cause to link to cell phone use, cell tower proximity, wifi, SMARTMETERS, or any other type of EMF exposure. 
  • Men who have experienced fertility

Anyone interested should email Sarah ASAP at


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