Free report


We’re pleased to offer you a new edition of our free report, EMR and Health.

This issue has lots of information that we’re sure will be of interest to you, including:

  • comment on the new Australian study on mobile phone and brain tumours;
  • bans on mobile phones in NSW schools;
  • a landmark Italian court decision on mobile phones;
  • a Spanish court ruling on electromagnetic hypersensitivity;
  • studies showing mobile phones
  • how social media affect happiness;
  • the link between mobile phone use and self-esteem;
  • how screen time affects kids’ learning and more.

I hope you find the information in the current issue of EMR and Health of interest and wish you happy reading! 

By the way, this is our 24th year of providing a regular newsletter about electromagnetic radiation. We think that must be a record!

Please let your friends and colleagues know about it.

You can download your free copy here.



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