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Mobile Phone Towers/Base Stations/Masts

Watch this mobile phone tower story from Today Tonight (Channel 7)

Mobile phone antennas, NBN towers and other communications antennas emit high frequency radiofrequency (wireless) radiation. This radiation is similar to that emitted by mobile phones and, though lower power, is radiated for much longer - up to 24 hours a day.


Base stations and health

Radiofrequency radiation has been associated with a number of harmful effects - ranging from brain tumours to oxidative stress, genetic damage, hormonal changes and changes to neurotransmitters, memory, learning and behaviour.

Some studies have found that people more exposed to radiation from mobile phone base stations experience uncomfortable symptoms - such as headaches, nausea, fatigue, sleep problems, concentration problems, depression and loss of libido. These effects have been found at levels many hundreds of times lower than levels approved by international guidelines and standards.

For more information about phone towers, see our article 'Mobile Phone Towers, The Price of Connectivity'.

Senate Mobile Phone Tower bills inquiry, 2012
In early 2012, a Senate Inquiry was held to consider changes to telecommunications legislation proposed by Mr Andrew Wilkie MP. EMR Australia's submission to the inquiry can be found at:

Senate Inquiry into Telecom Amendment '12 Senate Inquiry into Telecom Amendment '12 (259 KB)

Phone tower solutions

1: Find out your exposure

If you're concerned about radiation from mobile phone towers, be aware that it's the amount of radiation you're exposed to rather than the proximity of the base stations that's important. The only way you can determine this is by measuring your exposure. You can do this yourself, easily and economically, with our radiofrequency/RF meter.

2: Shield phone tower radiation

You can shield against the radiation from wireless base stations or NBN transmitters with our shielding paintsfabrics and window film which block over 99% of radiation entering your home or workplace.


3: Buy a safe home

acoustimeter.jpgIf you’re buying a new home, you can find out how much radiation from mobile phone towers and other wireless sources is present. Hire our Acoustimeter for measuring wireless radiation.


4: Find out more

theforcer.jpgFind information about mobile phone towers, how they operate, how to protect yourself, studies that have found evidence of harm, international standards, precautions other countries are applying in ‘The Force’ by Lyn McLean.



5: Own your own wireless meter

acousticom2 MeterPurchase the Acousticom2, a handy, economical meter for measuring radiation from cordless phones and other wireless devices.



6: Facing an application for a proposed new phone tower?

If you receive a notification about a proposed new mobile phone base station in your area you may be wondering what to do. See our free Telecommunications Kit for Communities for a clear, step-by-step guide about what you can do and the options available to you.

Beware: products that claim to ‘harmonise’ phone tower radiation do not reduce the radiofrequency signal which is still present and measurable.