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About Us

EMR Australia is dedicated to creating EMR-safe living and working environments.

We offer a unique blend of technical expertise, knowledge about the effects of electromagnetic radiation and concern for people's welfare.

EMR Australia prides itself on:


Lyn McLean, Director

Lyn is an educator and trainer, with degrees in humanity and education, and over nineteen years of experience working with EMR. Lyn works with experts in this field to bring you the best information and services on EMR.

Dr Malka Halgamuge (PhD in electrical engineering)

Melbourne-based Malka is a respected and experienced expert in the field of electrical engineering who has an interest in the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation. She provides assessments of electromagnetic exposures for households and businesses.

Project teams

EMR Australia’s projects are developed by teams comprised of people with expertise in relevant areas.  These include educators, planning consultants, lawyers, environmentalists and electrical engineers.


EMR Australia is committed to providing the best products and services to meet the needs of our clients. Our goal is to educate and assist people and organisations achieve an EMR-safe living and working environment.